What is holding you back???

05 Apr

Life in general is a struggle.  From the very moment the sun rises until it takes a rest on the other side, life is a struggle.  We come in screaming and go out the same way.  So, what happens in between?  What happens in our day…in our life….that holds us back??

It happens each morning.  The sound of birds outside my window wake me up peacefully.  The smell of coffee opens my eyes and brings my feet to the floor.  There is a chair at a cafe table in front of my balcony window that waits for me.  Each morning I start my day surrendering everything I have to God.  I have come to the realization that I simply can not do it alone.

God has promised to be the husband to the husband-less and the father to the fatherless so I know, as He has said, He will never leave or forsake me. With that in mind, each morning I make my needs known to Him.  He knows them before I speak though He still wants me to ask. I make a list, so to speak.  I surrender my hopes and dreams knowing that following His will is certainly the answer to peace…. Lord knows, I need peace.

So what’s holding YOU back?  For me, I have a hard time letting go of the finances.  I trust God to supply my needs but find it hard to tithe. Somehow I find it hard to relinquish my control of the checkbook.  (as if I had any to start with).  Meanwhile, things get behind and I am left still asking God to meet the need.  Another issue holding me back is my problems raising my kids alone.  I hate leaving them to go to work each morning.  I know God has called me to be home with them yet I find it hard to step out on faith and leave my job trusting that He will provide a way.  Still, I pray each morning for His help in letting go.

What holds you back?  What do you need to turn over?  Joining together in prayer with fellow believers not only provides encouragement but also allows us to hold each other accountable. If you are going to part the seas, we have to step out knowing dry land awaits.

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One response to “What is holding you back???

  1. katrinazgang

    April 6, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    You showed yourself as open and willing to change for God, as a good example for all of us. Thanks


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