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Get out of the Boat

I could have been kin to him. Some folks wouldn’t see the resemblance, but it’s there.  Oh there are times we are nothing alike, but one time in particular, we could’ve been siblings.
Peter was a strong man…in many ways. Strong in statue, in convictions, and character. All the things you want to be known for.  I suppose we favor a bit in that area, if only a bit. I’d like to think you’d recognize me in him.
But this time…this one particular instance, you would never know the difference.  Jesus stepped on onto the water.  Without a second thought, he walked.  Peter did just what I would have done…he questioned God.  “IF it’s you…” Who else could it have been to be walking on the water? Funny how we doubt the Hand of God, but Peter did…I would have.
He got out of the boat, walked on the water, and came towards Jesus.  But, when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord , save me”
Did you catch that??? First he questioned God.  God revealed Himself and for an instance…just an instance, Peter trusted Him. Don’t you do that? I know I do. I doubt His presence…His capabilities…His strength. Then I ask Him to reveal Himself even though I see Him moving. I take a few steps towards Him and then I do just what Peter did…. he panicked.
I can just imagine Peter’s thinking. I’ve thought the same thing…”What am I doing out here?  How did I think God was speaking to ME??”
With the waves crashing, and his peers watching, he began to sink. In an instant he knew he had bitten off more than he could chew and began to lean on his own understanding. In just a moment, he took his eyes of God and forgot all he knew about the very savior that had called him out of the boat.
Perhaps the water was flooding fast around this thighs moving quickly towards his chest and then his neck. Perhaps he stood there long enough to realize he was going down fast….then he cried out for God to save him.
Yeah, we could’ve been siblings.  We certainly could have been good friends. I’ve doubted God’s abilities too many times to count (thankfully, He isn’t keeping score).  I’ve heard Him speak directly to me and tell me just what He wanted me to do as He called me out of my circumstances to walk towards Him in faith.  Oh, I’ve been there.
But isn’t that how it is?? We trust Him for a moment until we decide to start “thinking”.  We take our eyes off Him and take our own path.  Things go wrong….terribly wrong and it’s then that we realize we’re in trouble. It’s then that we remember He is standing there…arms stretched out waiting to save us…AGAIN!!
What if Peter had never looked down. If he had never taken his eyes off Jesus.  He may have made it all the way across just on faith and trust alone.  Perhaps he learned a valuable lesson that evening.  I know I learn it each time I fail.  Each time I feel the waves crashing in, I remember where I am suppose to be looking. Usually, it isn’t until I’m drowning that I reach up and cry for help. If only I could remember to not look down!!!
When you get out of your boat today (whether its a job you hate, a relationship that isn’t good for you, or a debt), remember to keep your eyes on Him.  He has called you for a purpose..spoken YOUR name to come to Him.  And though He is there with out stretched arms to catch you when you drown, it would be awesome if faith kept you above water instead of fear

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