Hopeless Tap Water

23 Apr
This is the first chapter of the second novel in the “Come Clean” series. Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think. I will keep you updated on its arrival. Thank you and enjoy!!
Chapter One
Emelia felt a sudden rush of red hot burning anger pouring throughout every vein in her body as she repeated the words the officer had spoken just moments before.
 “A drunk driver? Drunk?”
Her long thin legs felt like fresh cooked spaghetti as she gasped for one good breath. Am I in shock? She stretched her hand out to find the wall that seemed to be moving so quickly around her. She couldn’t feel any part of her body. Only her heart pounding out of control and exploding from her chest.

 Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me.

As the verse ran painfully through her veins like ice water, Emelia gritted her teeth hard, biting the inside of her jaw, trying to force out the fear that had taken her by surprise. Death? No! Certainly it isn’t that bad. She rounded the corner of the Intensive Care Unit to notice the group of hospital staff crowding the doorway of room seven. Please, God, don’t let that be his room. Please. 

“Ma’am, can I help you?” A soft voice came from behind her as a tall thin middle aged nurse reached out to take Emelia by the arm. Emelia had been wondering through the hallway trying to find him. With one hand she gripped her chest as she leaned over to catch herself with her other hand on her knees. Finally, she forced herself to speak.”My husband. I…uh, I’m looking for my husband.” As the words seemed to spill from her trembling lips, a sharp piercing pain stabbed right through the heart as she realized it was the first time she’d ever really spoken those words out loud.

He was her husband. Her husband. Her eyes found the clock on the wall. Her mangled mind attempted to calculate just how long it had been since they finally said their vows before God and all the people that meant anything to them. One week, two days, seven hours, forty-three minutes. As she found herself standing in the midst of the uniformed crowd in ICU Room 7, every fear she’d ever had came rushing full circle to the center of Stephen’s crashing heart.
“Clear,” she heard the doctor scream out. The members of the hospital staff immediately backed away from his bed as the doctor placed two metal paddless on his chest. Emelia could feel herself freeze at the sight of Stephen’s lifeless shell of a body bouncing into the air with the shock of the defibrillator.
I am with you, Daughter. Fear not. I am everywhere you are. I am with him also.
As the doctors continued their attempt to revive Stephen’s broken and bloody body, Emelia faded into a trance of just six short months ago. The day she finally found her very own fairytale happily ever after.
Each individual leaf on the trees displayed the most beautiful show of artistic creativity she had ever seen. Perhaps being in love made the colors more appealing. More inviting and brighter, even. As she stood on the mountain edge taking in every breath of fresh air her lungs would allow, Emelia found herself giving thanks for the many blessings the Lord had bestowed upon her over the past ten months. The world had definitely taken on new meaning with every moment she and Stephen spent walking through the marked trails along the Appalachians. They made it a point to spend nearly every waking moment allowed, enjoying the changing leaves and the new season on the horizon.
Thank You, Father. The words flowed so easliy from her lips. They’d crossed her lips so many times lately that it was certainly natural that they’d do so now. Stephen moved in closer behind her, wrapping his arms around her tiny waist and pulling her closer to his heart. She loved feeling his heart beat so strongly and keeping perfect time with her own. For several moments Emelia and Stephen stood quietly with their bodies intertwined. A million butterflies danced around her stomach as he brushed his face against hers. Finally, Stephen placed his lips next to Emelia’s ear. She could feel him holding his breath for a moment…then he whispered, “Mary me, Emelia. Marry me and make me the happiest man in the world.” She was frozen in his arms, afraid to believe she imagined the words she just heard. Her heart jumped into her throat to prevent her from speaking, as she fought to stop an overflow of tears that were already forming, causing her eyes to burn.

 After what felt like an eternity, Stephen gently turned Emelia around to face him. In the middle of God’s large silent creation of beauty, he dropped to one knee and took her by the left hand.“Will you marry me,” he asked again assuring she hadn’t imagined it at all.

Emelia nodded slowly without offering a sound. The tears streamed down her face, causing her bottom lip to tremble as Stephen place a beautiful diamond and emerald ring on her finger. It was the most amazing ring she’d ever seen, and just knowing he had it created with her favorite stone made her realize even more how incredible he truly was. Stephen lifted Emelia in the air as he kissed her while spinning her around in circles like a princess.

 The sound of the beeping on the heart monitor jolted Emelia back into reality and the painful present that meant her world was changing without warning.

“Alright, let’s get him to surgery STAT!! Let ’em know we’re on the way and get to the blood bank. We’re going to need at least four pints to start with. Keep ’em coming!! Move, move, move!” 


 The doctor and staff pushed Stephen’s hospital bed past her as if she wasn’t standing there. As if they weren’t ripping the life away from her with ever step they took down the hallway.

My grace is sufficient. I am here.
How often had she believed those very words of comfort? How often had she called on the Lord to have Him answer? Somehow, as Stephen disappeared behind the double doors, Emelia could find no comfort and certainly no peace as her world began spinning out of control.

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2 responses to “Hopeless Tap Water

  1. Kimberli

    May 2, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    The imagery you produce with your words brings this chapter to life. Quote – As the verse ran through her veins like painful ice water… – Nice! The story begins quickly, throwing us right in the middle of Emelia’s tragedy. This causes us to bond with her immediately. Now we have to see it to the end.

  2. Karen S Ryall

    August 5, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    The description of her feelings was very real and accurate. I’ve been in a similar situation and this revived those feelings in me. Now I want to know more of how this saga unfolds.


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