New Year’s Resolutions…anyone?

08 Nov

Wow… am I ever glad this week is finally coming to an end.  Of course as a single mom to three rapidly growing kids (as well as their tudes), the work is never done.

I’m proud to say I’ve taken on a new approach to parenting as well as the relationships in my life.  Thanks to my great friend and colleague Marvin Wilson, I realized there had to be a new way of doing things in order to get better results!! Thanks, Martian…you are the best.

In the past week, I’ve faced teachers in conferences trying to explain why my 9 year old would rather stand to do his work than sit, why my daughter would rather be designing clothes than multiplying (in class), and why my 12 year old son would dare to defend a smaller disabled child against a well established bully…after all, fighting isn’t allowed. (seems bullying I’ve also faced the very real probability of my marriage coming to an end. It’s painful but still, another season in life that must be dealt with.

As a nation, we’re facing a new season as well. It’s been very disheartening to watch the emotional wars going on in the groups I participate in. This has been a trying time as a nation and my only prayer is that we find a way to be united again. No…I did not vote for Obama. Wasn’t a big McCain fan either, but for reasons we’ll deal with later (maybe..maybe not. A bit pointless now), we won’t discuss it here.

Even with all the issues I face, the issues WE face, and any issues you’re facing on your end… it is a new season!!  God is still in control and we have to surrender each aspect of our lives to Him.  Besides turning over control, we must also come to a place in our lives where we are tired of the things that bring us pain, harm, and destruction. It isn’t enough to be unhappy…we must get absolutely sick of these elements in our lives before there can ever be change.

For me…I’m tired of being out of shape. Tired of mouthy kids, a disorderly house, slim finances, and the grey hair. So, I propose a challenge. Before the new year, before all the hype of making changes and resolutions that never get followed….do it NOW!!!! Make the changes!!

My list: 

  1. It is my commitment to myself to eat healthier…giving up all the junk I’ve absorbed into this holy temple for way too long.
  2. No more yelling in the Wampler household…(it’s been quiet for a few days now..woohoo). Again, a new approach on parenting.
  3. No more waiting for someone else to make me happy. No more waiting for someone else to give me what I need and deserve.
  4. This will be a year that changes my life…a life that changes this year!!!

What’s your commitment to yourself? It’s time for a change.


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2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions…anyone?

  1. Marvin D Wilson

    November 8, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Great post, Kat. And thanks for the plug and compliment. You’re a special peach in my fruity basket of fun and interesting friends too (smile). Ahm – okay, so what do I want to commit to? Do I HAVE to? This early? Jeez – you are SO demanding.

    OK. I hereby commit. I will spend more of my free time volunteering at the food pantry this year. I will displace several hours every week of pointless TV watching with helping out the underprivileged in our sagging, depressed, dirty little town here in Sag-nasty Michigan.

    Happy now? I am. I actually feel better. Thanks. I needed that.

  2. Terre

    November 8, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    This is really a great post. We share a lot in common, I have been a single mom of 2 for almost 13 years. My marriage lasted 2 years and he was abusive in all forms. I came home and lived next door to my parents and tried to take care of them. My dad went to be with the Lord in April. My mom fell, broke her ankle and what was to be a short stay in the nursing home has gone on for 3 months. My finances, I have none and living in a small town, no jobs. I’ve hit the bottom, but like you said, we should make our resolutions now. One I need to do is not depend on others to make me happy, eat healthier, and I’d better stop there or I will run out of room and then I won’t keep any of my resolutions. Awwww.


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