Kimberli Renee Campbell’s last thoughts

22 Nov


Kimberli Renee Campbell is back for one last visit on Kat Logic as she makes her final stop with the Christian Author Tour.  What a pleasure it has been to get to know this incredible mom, wife, and author. It is my honor to call her my friend and sister in Christ.

  • Katrina:  It’s been great having you this week. We’ve heard about your brand new release The Sword of Light and its characters.  I must say, I’ve been reading your book and I’m impressed. Do you have get writer’s block?
  • Kimberli:  I don’t think I’ve experienced true writer’s block. When the words stop coming, I sit quietly and wait on the Lord. That may sound cliche’ but it works for me.
  • Katrina:  Do you have any plans of writing in a different genre?
  • Kimberli:  When the Lord is done with this series, He has given me some adult fiction stories. He may want me to start on those stories.
  • Katrina: I can’t wait to see what He has in store for you. How do you choose the names of the characters in your book?
  • Kimberli:  The Lord gave me most of the names. My best friend, Tracy, gave me some of the names. I also use the Internet.
  • Katrina:  When writing, do you already have an idea of how the story will end even as you’re beginning the book, or does it take on a life of its own?
  • Kimberli:  The Lord gave me The Sword of Light in a dream, start to finish.
  • Katrina:  Aaahhh. Yes, isn’t it amazing how that happens? I’ve had that experience as well. God always knows what we need and He always provides…even (especially) in the details of the work He’s called us for.  What advice would you give aspiring authors reading your book?
  • Kimberli:  As this is my first book, learn from my victories and mistakes (many many). Learn to develop a writing skill that suits you.
  • Katrina: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
  • Kimberli:  I would have to say – write!  There should be no excuses. If the Lord has called you to write – write.
  • Katrina:  Very good advice. And that’s very true…if that is God’s plan for you, you have no reason to be doing anything else! Tell our readers where they can get a copy of The Sword of Light.
  • Kimberli:  You can read a portion of my book at here.  It is also available at Amazon , Target, and The Sword of Light.  Hopefully, more in the future.
  • Katrina:  Oh I’m certain there will be more.  I look forward to hearing more and having you on Kat Logic again.  You’re an amazing woman. Thanks for stopping by.

For our readers, this is your last chance to leave a question for Kimberli. She’ll be choosing one by the end of the day to receive an autographed copy of the Sword of Light. Be sure to stop by her site and let her know Kat Logic sent you.

Don’t miss Modern Day Mary  tomorrow as I bring a story from the bible to life in today’s struggles.



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3 responses to “Kimberli Renee Campbell’s last thoughts

  1. Kimberli

    November 22, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks again, Katrina, for making this a great experience. Everyone has been wonderful and kind. I pray we all continue to allow the Lord to guide us with the talents and gifts he’s given us. In Jesus name. Blessings – Kimberli

    PS – I look forward to more questions. 🙂

  2. Marvin D Wilson

    November 24, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Kimberli!

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about you, the woman, and the author and the Christian. What do you do to balance life? Writing can be such an obsession. And when you are in the “zone” the rest of life sometimes takes a back seat – well at least for me. Are you a binge writer or do you manage to balance your literary love with the rest of your life?

  3. Kimberli

    November 25, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    Hello Marvin!

    Thank you, Marvin. I would have to say even though writing and the rest of my life are not balanced, it is as it should be right now. My guys (my husband and two boys) need more of my attention. As for the “zone” – I love being in the zone. It’s a rare thing right now with my two-year-old. When I start to enter the zone, I get snatched back to reality with a poke in the arm. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the rest of Katrina’s tour.

    Blessings – Kimberli


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