The Bumpy Road ahead

01 Dec

I’ve been tagged once more by The Bumpy Road !  Now, I am running out of things most of you don’t know about me but I’ll dig for a few more.  Then I’ll hunt down a few unexpected taggers and drag them into this relentless game of “guess what”.

Before I get started, let me tell you about the Bumpy Road ahead for Kat Logic. Tomorrow, Marvin Wilson from Free Spirit will be joining us to talk about Owen Fiddler as well as I Romanced the Stone. You won’t want to miss it.  Owen, himself will be visiting Saturday Dec 6th.  He’s an odd character and I can’t wait to wrap my hands around his throat and hold his head under water until the bubbles stop. (Did I say that out loud?) Anyway, don’t miss that next Saturday.

Now, on for the Tag.  Seven things you don’t know about me…. (can I make some up?)

1.  My name has changed 5 different times…and NO, not from being married a gazillion times so quit thinking it!

2.  I buried two best friends as a child..both named Michael..both died the same way. Drowning.

3.  I am terrified of the ocean (see #2)

4.  My favorite candy of all time is Candy Corn.

5.  I have changed every one’s name that I’ve ever dated or married.  (Eathan is really Alen)

6.  I call everyone Punkin because I have such a hard time remembering names. (See #5)

7.  I collect large coffee mugs..the kind that hold about 4 cups each. Love em.

Now, be sure to stop over at The Bumpy Road to say hello to the ones that Tagged me AGAIN>

I’ve also been nabbed for the Holiday Tag by Unwriter. Keep your eyes out for A Holiday story right here on Kat Logic. I’ll be posting a short bit of it on Unwriter once it’s done.

On to pick my 7 victims!!!!

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Posted by on December 1, 2008 in encouragement


One response to “The Bumpy Road ahead

  1. Marvin D Wilson

    December 1, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Har ha har. And I get the feeling you could easily list about 67 more while holding your breath. lol

    But hey – don’t you EVER change MY name, and do NOT call me punkin.

    You’re the best, Kat (smile)


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