A run in with Owen Fiddler

06 Dec

 Stop # 2 of the Owen Fiddler Cyber Christmas Tour


I have to say, he’s the most arrogant jerk I’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity to run into. Lord knows I’ve run into a lot.

Owen Fiddler.

I’d heard about him around town…in church… all the social gatherings. He’s all the buzz. Kind of like a social disease that’s spreading like wildfire taking out the most prominent and sophisticated of the group. And he does so with a smug grin. I had no desire to ever come face to face with the man they’d all been hissing about. No need to invite drama when I have enough of my own.

But there I was minding my own business. I’d enjoyed an evening with my girlfriends. My one night a month to let my hair down and forget about the weight of the world of being a single mom. I’d done a couple rounds of Karaoke and was enjoying a nice virgin Pina Colada… and there he was.  Can you believe it? See for yourself.


Owen Fiddler : Hey what’s your name, doll face?

Katrina : Argh!. I hate being called Doll Face.  It’s Katrina…not doll face.

Owen Fiddler : no harm meant , but you are hot.  What you doing later? You sing good too

Katrina:  Does he take a breathe between spouting off such nonsense?  Getting home to my kids… where I belong.

Owen Fiddler : Oh got some little ones huh?  C’mon stay a while and lemme buy you a couple drinks.  I just got paid.

Katrina:   Yes. I’ve got little ones. Aren’t you Owen Fiddler? I’ve heard about you.

Owen Fiddler: Well, ham, yeah – so you know me?

Katrina: just heard …that’s all.

Owen Fiddler: well not sure what you mean by that, but how about that drink?  Wanna dance?  Slow?  Close?

Katrina : Just  heard you’re arrogant..that’s all. I see it was all true.  No, I’m not interested in a drink. Gave up drinking.  And Lord knows I don’t want to dance with you. For what? To be added to your long list of women? No thanks.

Owen Fiddler: Hmm – hard to get, huh?

Katrina: No. Just not interested.

Owen Fiddler: Probably one of them self-righteous Christians?

Katrina:  Yes. I am a Christian. You should try it. 

Owen Fiddler: I tried religion.  Sucks. Got kicked outa my church.  Preacher’s a jerk.

Katrina: Oh yeah…well trying the Pastor’s secretary isn’t really trying religion now is it?

Owen Fiddler: judge not lest you be judged.  Bunch of phony bolonies.

Katrina : I give you that.   But I didn’t say anything about trying religion.  What do you have against God. 

Owen Fiddler : Where’d you hear that about me and the secretary? And anyways she came on to me.

Katrina: Just a hunch I have, maybe. Don’t think I’ve really heard it anywhere. But just so you know, women talk too.

Owen Fiddler : She was a hot little thing too. You know, I’m really good in bed.  You should try THAT!

KatrinaGross. I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Again, no thanks..You know I just have to say something.

Owen Fiddler: I’m all ears.  But still want to buy you a drink. Can’t you have even one?

Katrina: what in the world makes you think you have the right to treat women the way you do? I mean have you ever thought of respecting women instead of just using them?
(Owen holds up his empty glass while raising his eyebrows in an unspoken question.)

Katrina:  Can’t have even one. Gave up drinking. Better off without it. Didn’t I hear you had a good wife at one point? Can’t imagine anyone trying to settle down with you.

Owen Fiddler: Well they’ve never respected me, well except for my ex.

Katrina : aahhh, yeah. I thought so.
(Owen hangs his head)

Katrina: No doubt one you didn’t deserve. Heard what you did to her. I  can’t believe she let you off so easy.

Owen Fiddler: She was the best but she left me.

Katrina: You’d be a dead man if you had been mine.

Owen Fiddler : Just because of one little indiscretion? Well the one I got caught in anyways. (Owen releases an arrogant snicker as he apparently runs down his own trip of memory lane.)

Katrina: Yeah, figured it was more than one.

Owen Fiddler: I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with you, huh?

Katrina: No, you aren’t . I’ve never been interested in irresponsible jerks. You think you ever going to learn how to treat women? Would you want anyone treating your daughter the way you treat women?

Owen Fiddler: god no – I’d kill the bastard.

Katrina: I bet your mama’s one broken hearted woman with the way you’ve run around this town acting like some out of control spoiled brat.

Owen Fiddler:Wow, getting testing aren’t you? Just trying to be friendly. No harm in that is there?

Katrina: I don’t need a friend. When’s he going to take a hint?

Owen Fiddler: My mom loves my brother more than me. Always has.

Katrina: Yeah. whatever. Your brother probably isn’t near the headache you are.

Owen Fiddler: always favored him.  The prick.

Katrina: maybe you were just more than she could handle. Trust me, I know how it is being a single mom. Especially when one of your kids can’t seem to get it together.

Owen Fiddler: Well I’m the way I am because that’s how I’ve always been treated. You don’t know what I’ve been through.

Katrina: oooohhh… so it’s everyone else’s fault? Give me a break here. Seriously. Don’t you think it’s time to grow up and own your actions?  I use to play the victim myself. Took me a long time to crawl out of that pit of ‘woe is me’.
Did it for years. How’s it working for you?

Owen Fiddler: noooooooooooooooooooooo. Not. Ms.Perfect religious lady.

Katrina : I’m far from perfect.

Owen Fiddler : Can’t even have a drink or be nice to a guy who’s just trying to be friendly.

Katrina: I have a drinking problem so common sense tells me to stay away from the stuff.

Owen: whatever. You smoke?
(rolls his eyes and lites a smoke)

Katrina: Nope, don’t smoke and don’t like kissing an ashtray.
(Owen snuffs the square and pops a breath mint)

Owen: There. Kiss?

Katrina :In your dreams maybe.  Isn’t there anyone else you can go bother?

Owen Fiddler: No  this is too much fun.  Oooh I could have some GOOD dreams about you sugar pants. You’re a perfect riot to talk to.

Katrina: Really? You use to being rejected?

Owen: Rejection’s my middle name.

Katrina: So what’s this I hear about you doing time in your younger years. That didn’t straighten you out any?

Owen: I learned a lot about how to not get caught again.  Criminal mind higher education system. Ha, and they call it the correctional system.

Katrina: and at 45 years old, you still haven’t straightened up?

Owen Fiddler:   Ha! that’s a laugh.

Katrina:  I’ve got two boys and let me tell you, I’d beat their tales first sign of them acting anywhere near they way you do

Owen Fiddler:  Two boys, huh? Good boys I bet. I hope you treat ’em both equal.

Katrina: I do…at least I try to. Have to give the attention to the one that needs it the most at the time.  Tough being single. I have to be in constant prayer over my choices.

Owen Fiddler: and you think that really helps? Prayer?  God’s never answered any of MY prayers,  if there IS a god.

Katrina: OOO yeah. Most definitely, there’s a God. I know it every time I look into the eyes of my children. Every time we need something and God provides.  And yes, prayer helps. It’s helped me every single day and will continue to. God does answer…but sometimes the answer is no. You have to remember, light and dark can’t exist in the same place.  For you to hear from God..He has to be with you..when you’re following Satan.. you can’t hear God’s voice.

Owen Fiddler:  There’s something different about you. Different than most Christians I’ve met.

Katrina:  How’s that?

Owen Fiddler: I mean you’re judging me like all the rest, but somehow I fell you actually CARE about my life or something.  Dunno what it is.

Katrina: I don’t mean to judge you..really I don’t. But I’m not into the BS you’re sending me. I do care about YOU as a person though. I’ve been down a very dark path myself. I know what it’s like to feel like the world is out to get you. But I believe there is good in you. I believe there is hope for you.

Owen Fiddler: Hold on a second.  Let me see if I’m getting this straight.  You think there is hope for a loser like me?

Katrina: Oh, yeah… I’ve been there.   I’ve been that loser.   NO self esteem..hated myself and every one around me.   Oh, yeah. There’s hope. God uses us losers.  Everyone’s fault but my own. For years I allowed the abuse I endured to define me

Owen Fiddler: Well I’ll be damned. No pun intended.  Hey – didn’t get your name, what was it again?

Katrina: It’s Katrina.

Owen Fiddler:  Well Katrina – ahm – hey look. I apologize  for coming on to you.  You seem like a nice lady and well – hey maybe if I could just call and talk to you once and a while?  Not to hit on you I just-

Katrina: How about this…how about you meet me Friday night at church for the singles group. Come meet the rest of us losers that the Lord has turned around.  He saved my life.

Owen Fiddler: I don’t really have any friends, nobody that cares a hoot for me.   Could we be friends?

Katrina: you’ll have friends… And yes, ironically I believe we could.  But you have to do me a favor.

Owen Fiddler: Yeah?

Katrina: drop the “it ain’t my fault attitude”.  Your actions are your fault.  Stop playing the victim and get honest with yourself.

Owen Fiddler: Oh man, Katrina – that’s a big one for me.

Katrina: you can’t change the future until you let go of the past.

Owen Fiddler : You’re getting pretty deep for a simple guy like me.  Church group huh? Owen Fiddler at a church singles meeting.

Katrina: hahaha. Sorry. Just comes with the territory.  I’ve lived it and I recognize when someone needs to hear it.

Owen Fiddler : I suppose.

Katrina: The day I walked into the church i planned to kill myself.

Owen Fiddler: Really?

Katrina: I know what it’s like…trust me.  Yes. I was an alcoholic, a victim, and wanted out.

Owen Fiddler: I’d have never thought that of you. Not in a million.

Katrina: You wouldn’t have recognized me. I used men like you use women.  That’s how I know what you’re up to.

Owen Fiddler : hey look, Katrina – I gotta go but here. Here’s my phone number. (Owns scribbles his number down on a receipt)  Call me and remind me about that meeting? I’ll think hard about it.

Katrina: Absolutely. Hey look, I’ll be praying for you.

Owen Fiddler:  Okay. And hey once again, wow – cant believe I’m saying this but – I’m sorry for the come on.

Katrina: no worries.

Owen heads towards the door and turns to give a wave over his shoulder.  Somehow he looks a little different than the man that wanted to buy me a drink just a bit ago.

God bless him.

There’s an Owen Fiddler in us all.  Somewhere in our lives, each of us had been wronged. Maybe even abused in some way or the other. It’s hard to let go of that and move forward in a life of freedom but I am certain that even someone like Owen can find a new life and the freedom Christ offers.

Be sure to stop by for a visit with Ron Berry tomorrow as Owen makes another round on the Owen Fiddler Experience Cyber Christmas tour.

Also, check out the prizes you could win during the Owen Fiddler Tour.


Posted by on December 6, 2008 in encouragement


17 responses to “A run in with Owen Fiddler

  1. unwriter1

    December 6, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    This was one good interview. I’ve known my own Owen Fiddler types and I know that part of it in me. Having been there yourself gave you good insight into him. That was a great thought, inviting him to your church singles group. Looking forward to how you handle Marv’s next book.

    Tomorrows interview will be a bit fuzzy, but interesting. So get your quills ready to take notes.


  2. Katie Hines

    December 6, 2008 at 3:27 pm

    Interesting post. Must say it was a bit long for my comfort, and I found myself skimming the last half or third. Enjoyed the humor!

  3. Jean Henry Mead

    December 6, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Good interview. I encountered a few Owen Fiddlers when I was a divorced mom of four many years ago. I wouldn’t want to be out in the dating scene again for all the tea in Cambodia.

  4. quirkyloon

    December 6, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    Ms.Katrina nice job in knocking off that chip on the shoulder of Marvin, I mean Owen!

    Seriously, I respect all that pull themselves out of the trenches into the light (pun intended).

    My father was alcoholic and some of my memories of him….whew! He died many moons ago and I truly feel nothing but compassion for him.

    Well that was a little more than I planned on sharing…but hey it’s the world wide web of love, right? I hope so.

  5. Stephen Bess

    December 6, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Owen Fiddler is SOME character. Yes, I suppose we have all had our moments as Owen Fiddler. For me, I’m thinking about the late 80s and early 90s. 🙂 Nice and creative interview.

  6. Connie Arnold

    December 6, 2008 at 6:19 pm

    Wow, what a remarkable interview, Katrina! You should have been in the book with Owen Fiddler. He could have gotten straightened out a lot quicker! Thanks so much for sharing this, Katrina and Marvin (I mean Owen)!

  7. Owen Fiddler

    December 6, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Well I didn’t say I PROMISED I’d go to the church meeting. but Katrina seems like one of those nice girls. I won’t be tryin to hit on her no more. Promise that much.

  8. zhadi1

    December 6, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    A really unique blog tour stop – well done, Katrina, Owen and MM!

  9. Stanley Berber

    December 6, 2008 at 8:17 pm

    Hey BIG Marvaholic here – LOL Enjoyed that post a couple down. Nice blog! My you certainly handled that rascal Owen rather well, I’d say! LOL

  10. Cactus Annie

    December 6, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    You go girl! Owen’s not gettin none here either! LOL But I AM signing up for Marvaholics Anonymous – tee hee. Like your blog!

  11. Katrina Wampler

    December 6, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    We’ll have to pass a round of strong coffee during one of our meetings in order to keep ourselves in line.

    Yeah, Marvin’s a hoot. He’s one of my dearest friends and one amazing guys. Looks like we’re all hooked.

  12. Marvin D Wilson

    December 6, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    My my my – Owen has created quite the stir over here! Owen is having a drink right now – trying to lick his wounds for not being able to score on Katrina. I think maybe after a fifth or so he’ll have the nerve to go to that church singles meeting. (smile)

  13. Katrina Wampler

    December 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Hahaha….He may need a little more than a 5th to get the courage to face all the others. I have a hunch Owen’s actually a pretty good guy. Once he faces the man in the mirror, he’ll make it out just fine. Takes some of us longer than others.

  14. Joyce A. Anthony

    December 7, 2008 at 12:42 am

    Great post, Katrina!!!!! You are right-everyone has good in them–unfortunately, too many need someone else there to help them see it. You did a great job bringing it out of Owen today!!

  15. Grace

    December 7, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Hi Owen- Read your interview with Katrina. Not bad, but you need to
    show a lot more respect for yourself, others and most importantly, women. A
    good woman will not be attracted to you buy your charm and a good woman,
    wife, is beyond measure. So smarten up and start treating women better. they are
    not here simply to be used by us men. Good interview for fun.
    I extend to you an invitation over to my place. Ever Saturday a bunch
    of us gather there and read a chapter from my exciting story, the Asquinn
    Twins And Keta.
    Although the rest of us are on Chapter Nine, the chapters preceding are
    also posted.
    > > > > The Asquinn Twins Series Team

  16. Dianne Sagan

    December 7, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Katrina, what a great way for people to get to know Owen, even though he seems obnoxious at first to me and then we see that yes, he does have something good in him. Good job!

  17. serena

    December 9, 2008 at 12:27 am

    interesting….interview…boy he’s obnoxious


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