Honoring our armed forces !!!

08 Dec


Whether you agree with the war or not, the fact remains we have men and women serving on the front lines every day so that we have the freedom to disagree with what they are fighting for. During this holiday season, Kat Logic will be honoring our armed forces by taking your stories and posting them here.

I have a few of my own.  I lost a very dear friend right after 9/11. He was killed in action in Iraq when he stayed behind to protect his platoon. They got out alive. He did not. He was their leader. He knew his calling and did his job. He left behind a wife and two very young children ages 2 and 4. In my new release A Hope and a Future, character Sargent Major Stan Harman takes a small roll in serving to remind the world of the friend I loved and lost. soldier10

We love you, Stan…you are not forgotten.

Between now and December 15th, anyone purchasing a copy of A Hope and a Future and sharing a story of a loved one serving at home or overseas will have that loved one’s name entered in a drawing for a free personalized autographed copy of A Hope and a Future sent in a care package for the holidays.  You can purchase your copy here.  

It is so important that our military men and women know they are loved and supported during this time.  I will be posting your stories several times a week for the next two weeks. Stop in to show your support.

On December 23rd, I will be adding links to all stories, as well as publicly announcing the winner(s) of the free copy. That day will also be “Shout out for the USA” day. We’ll see how many comments we can stir up and get out there to our men and women!!!


“Certainly we all have a past…something we are trying to outrun or escape,” Officer Nicholas Watson says to a distraught Jessica as they each fight for their own freedom.

An entire platoon is violently taken hostage in Iraq and only Nicholas makes it out alive, but not without a price.

Jessica has spent her entire life running from a past she can’t seem to forget, while Nicholas desperately searches for the past he can’t remember. They come together as a nurse and patient, resulting in a whirlwind romance that will forever alter their lives

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2 responses to “Honoring our armed forces !!!

  1. Marvin D Wilson

    December 8, 2008 at 9:05 am

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I am not in support of the war in Iraq, and I feel betrayed by President Bush who duped the American public with his ostensible mission to find and destroy all those Weapons of Mass Destruction as an excuse to fund his own personal agenda and start this war. Where all the WMD’s? Everyone seems to have forgotten that is our “reason” for being over there losing our young people’s lives daily – not to mention the lives of our enemies. They have wives and children and friends who suffer also.

    I don’t support any war, unless there is a clear-cut aggressor that is approaching our homeland’s shores and we have to defend ourselves. War is evil. Period.

    That being said, I DO agree with you that we have to support and pray for our troupes. They are just following orders, doing what they feel is right to defend our nation. I pray for them every day. God bless and keep them. Many will lose their lives this holiday season rather than being home here in comfy America with their families.

    But I also pray for the young Iraqis. They too are just following orders, doing what THEY feel is right in the best interests of their country and their way of life. I pray that this war will end and that they can return to their families.

    Most of all I pray for world peace. I pray that the leaders of nations will get in touch with God and learn to love their enemies. Hate never wins out over hate. Only love conquers hate. We are all brothers and sisters. I pray for the day when some sanity will reign on this planet.

    Not praying for much, am I?

    This was a good post, Katrina.

  2. joylene

    December 8, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Our son, a Master Corporal in the Canadian Army, is serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He believes in what they’re doing. I admire his convictions, but as his mother, I just want him to come home safe. My heart bleeds for the family of the 100 dead Canadians and the Nato forces who have lost a son or daughter in this war. There is no greater pain than losing a child no matter the circumstances.


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