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Dealing with the pain after everyone’s gone home.

You’ve all heard the story of my dear friend that lost her baby girl to SIDS last week. Many of you left comments and words of encouragement for her and she was so grateful that she asked me to email them to her to be printed and kept.

I spoke with her today and I’d like to share a bit of that conversation with you. My heart aches for her so I’m asking a HUGE favor from you. One thing she mentioned was that she went to the mailbox and it was the first day she didn’t receive a card. I’m asking any of you that are willing to send her a card and/or leave her a comment here.  (If you’ll leave your email address in the comments, I’ll send you her mailing address.)

I’ve never felt the pain of losing a child and Lord willing, I never will. I’ve lost many friends and so many times I’ve wondered, “how does life continue to keep moving as if my friend hadn’t gone”. The thought of her feeling this way tears my heart out.  Listen to her story and please, take a short moment to drop a card in the mail. She really needs it right now.

Katrina: Hi sweetie, how are you doing.

Christi: one second at a time.  Thank you for everything.

Katrina: I am sooo sorry sweetie, I can’t  imagine your pain but I am praying for your comfort.

Christi: thank you. I am not sure how to move forward. I know I must but I am not sure how.

Katrina: That has to be the hardest part. I told my kids about it..they were so upset and have been praying for you ever since. It makes you realize how short life really is.

Christi: oh wow.. love and cherish every second. My only fear is that people will stop praying.

Katrina: how can I help you? Does it hurt to talk about it?

Christi: no. It is really comforting

Katrina:  I can only imagine I’d be questioning God. I mean I know he has his reasons but why. I don’t question His reasons..but what are they? That is my question.

Christi: Yeah….He has trusted me with so much pain and I only hope that I can deal with it the way He wishes. I am not sure about this part of it….maybe someday I can to help others. Right now I am just sooooooo broken.

Katrina: How is your husband?

Christi: crushed, but he stays strong most of the time for the kids. She was his heart and he had to give her CPR
and then tell her goodbye.

Katrina: how devastating.

Christi: SIDS.. I just don’t understand. I mean I have been told there was nothing I could do.

Katrina: I don’t think anyone understands SIDS. I  hope my post “I know how you feel” helps. I didn’t know what else to do but write.

Christi: it did.  I haven’t read all of the responses. It was perfect, really!!!! I would love for you to send them to me via e-mail. That way I can print and save them. That would be great. I went to the mail box today…. the first day there was not a card

Katrina: I’m so sorry, Sweetie.

Christi: I would have liked to believe they could do something but you and I have been around long enough to know
but you still hope. she went to bed her usual cheerful self  and they tell me just simply fell “asleep”,  very peaceful. We can only hope to go to heaven that way, you know?

Katrina: Certainly.

Christi: Thank you for listening and all you have done. I am going to watch a movie with the boys and hang on to them for a while.

Katrina: I’m here if you need me.


I’d like to flood my dear friend with cards and letters. The hardest time is when folks go home and the house is quiet. Just a small note in the mail goes a long way. If you’re willing, please leave your email address and I’ll forward her address to you. Please leave her a note here and I will email them all to her. You are the most amazing viewers anyone could ask for.


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Down right depressing…or is it?

With the economy crashing as fast as I can make a pot of coffee, I can’t help but wondering what steps I should be taking to prepare myself. I mean, how well can you prepare for a great depression? And is there more to it than a depression on the way?

I can only speak for myself as a Christian when I say, I believe there is a LOT more to it than the fall of our financial status as a country. I believe it means we are actually living in the end days and we’ll see Christ’s return sooner than later. With that being said, the thought of the depression simply depresses me.  Our days are numbered (in a stronger sense than living to die)

I found this article this morning. Take a look at it if you have a minute. So much of it rings true and it doesn’t look good. I asked my husband to read it. His comment, “interesting”. For me, it’s frightening.

It’s odd. As a Christian, I should not fear Jesus’ return. It should be something I long for. Something I’m ready for. Truth is, it scares me. I know what’s coming. I know I’m ready in the sense that I’ve completely given my heart to Christ and am ready to meet Him. But I have a fear (as irrational as it may seem) that I will get there and not be able to locate my kids. We joke about my daughter hanging out at the feast, my youngest son hanging from a tree, and my oldest stalking DC talk to a live concert. Either way, what if I get there and I can’t find them. As odd as they may sound, I’m just not ready for the rapture for that reason.

As far as the depression. As a family, we are attempting to live on as little as possible. Looking into staying in a small house as apposed to buying a larger one with a larger payment. We’re storing food up and spending a lot of time in prayer.

What about you? What is your view on this? How are you preparing for the depression this country/world is headed for?  Does the thought of the rapture bring you comfort or fear? Am I alone in my worries? Your comments and thoughts are no only welcomed but greatly needed today.


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The Boy Without Arms

bwaWant to win 6 autographed novels??  Check this all the way to the bottom.


Think you got it bad?  I’ve got a special treat for you today.  So, grab your kleenix and your credit card and pull up a chair. You won’t want to miss this.

I recently met an amazing man on Twitter. Ah, twitter. My dear friend Marvin Wilson turned me on to it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Mostly because of people like Jeff Powers.

He’s a pastor turned ultimate Pay It Forward do-gooder. My kind of man. He works with a company called Global Hope Network. Together, they go into some of the poorest parts of the world and lend a hand up. This time, they’ve out done themselves.  And you thought Extreme Makeover was good….

See what Jeff Power and Global Hope Newtwork are up to now:

48 hours to change a life… and a town… Jan 29-30!

We’re going to turn an awful situation around, with a hand up not a handout.

To do it, we need the help of friends… $10 at a time.

Meet Aschelew. He lives in Woliso, Ethiopia. Together we’re going to change Aschelew’s and his brother’s lives (and demonstrate how to change more).

DSC02522 In Global Hope Network we help the poorest communities of the world develop. We show them how to develop holistically and sustainably.

We’re helping Woliso find ways to care for its multiplying AIDS-affected families, orphans and widows. Aschelew & his brother are two of them.

Here’s the painful story: Several years ago Aschelew was depressed over his parents’ AIDS, and his family chained him up to keep him from killing himself. The chains cut off the blood to his arms and he ended up losing both of them. Now his parents have died and Aschelew and his brother are alone.

Their story is one of the worst. And the town is eager to see how to help them.


Here’s what we’re gong to do, and it’s the SOLUTION to lifetime dependency: We’re going to help Aschelew and his brother launch a sustainable source of income.

Your gift will make it possible.

We sat down with them and the town leaders and worked out a plan. Aschelew’s brother is able to drive a donkey-cart and bring in some income that way. And Aschelew is naturally organized and can run a small store (with some hired younger help), and complete their income needs that way.

So we’re going to build Aschelew and his brother that store! (plus, it’ll be a house/store where they can live, instead of on the streets).

Here’s video of Aschelew from our August trip:

A volunteer team is going to Woliso February 15th to work alongside the townspeople to build Aschelew’s store… and build houses for 3-4 more AIDS-affected families, depending on how much money we raise.

Join us to help Aschelew and his brother!

During just two days, January 29-30, we’re collecting gifts from caring people, one gift at a time. Together we’ll build Aschelew’s store and homes for others.

ANY GIFT HELPS! Really! Your gift of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will help get Aschelew’s store built. (Even $5 helps.)

And to everyone who gives, we’ll email pictures and video WHILE WE’RE BUILDING. That’s right, we’ll email pics and video nightly to the entire “giving team.” (I’ll add each person’s name below, as they give… look for your name to make sure we got your gift).

Just click on the “ChipIn” widget at the top of this page, and contribute what you can. It might mean skipping a meal out for us, but a TRANSFORMED LIFE for Aschelew and others.

We’re going to do this together. C’mon, jump in and have fun with us!

–Jeff Power, US Mobilization Director, Global Hope Network

So…I’m asking all my readers to help out. Any amount helps. We’ve got 2 days to raise the money. What am I doing? Well, I’ve got a basket full of goodys to be given in a drawing to any of you that participate.  Head on over, make your donation and come back here to post your email address letting us know you’ve donated.

Then, at the end of 48 hrs, I will draw a name from the participants to recieve the following:

2  autographed novels by Karen Kingsbury

1 autographed novel by me, Katrina Wampler

3 autographed novelettes by Vickie McDonough.

**** For every $10 you give, your name goes in the hat again.****

Make your donations now:


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Angels Of Interstate 29

You’ve heard of Angels In the Outfield and Angels Among Us, but have you heard of the new release, Angels  Of Interstate 29?  If you haven’t, I have a treat for you today.

Author Donald James Parker is joining us here today on Kat Logic to tell us all about his latest release.  Before we get into the details of this story, I’d like to introduce Donald to you all and get to know a little more about him.

Katrina: Welcome Donald. Great to have you here today and thank you for joining us. Tell us a bit about your family and what home life is like for you guys.

Donald: I have two daughters aged 24 and 22 years old. I’m in the process of moving from Washington to South Dakota .  I get home from work, eat, and work on my computer until bedtime writing, publishing, or marketing. I get home from work, eat, and work on my computer until bedtime writing, publishing, or marketing.

Katrina: At what age did you realize you wanted to be an author?

Donald Probably about twelve. Incessant reading for pleasure was the principal motivation. I never really wrote as a child so I’ll spare you any puerile samples.

Katrina: Where is your favorite place to write?

Donald: In New Zealand . I’ve never been there. Basically all of my last six novels have been written from my office at home, but I think New Zealand would be a great ambiance to inspire one to write.

Katrina: Now tell us a bit about Angels Of Interstate 29. Give us a little excerpt.

Donald: Tex Harris has just turned 70 and been put out to pasture by his employer. The curtain seems angelscoverstandard1to be falling on his life. Before the obese soprano can vocalize the final notes, Tex discovers there is more to living than a career. After rescuing a damsel in distress on the freeway, he decides the role of hero fits him as well as the white Stetson he always wears. He organizes a group of senior citizens to patrol the highway to help those in need. His quest brings him into contact with Lizzie, an attractive widow who captures his heart. Unfortunately, she also wins the affection of Tex ’s best friend and his newly acquired nemesis. The three compete for Lizzie’s affections as they all experience new things together. Tex learns that being a hero means sometimes means making enemies, but more importantly that discovers that forgiveness is the most wonderful gift of all.

Katrina: Are any of the characters in any of your books modeled after you or any of your emotions? How?

Donald: It’s pretty hard to keep yourself totally out of a book. I don’t expressly write myself into a story, but there’s an old adage that you can only write about what you know. I know myself – how I think, feel, etc. I don’t really know how others think and feel so any attempt to create characters can only be an extrapolation of the knowledge of myself.

Katrina: During your writing, are there ever characters that emerge uninvited?

Donald: I have a whip and a chair, and I’m not afraid to use them to keep my characters in line, so no emerging without permission.

Katrina: Do viewers ever express how your stories have effected their lives?

Donald: I recently had a review from All Book Reviews from a woman in Canada . She said. ” To review this book was incredible timing. Either divine intervention or just plain coincidence, as it came to me in a time of many questions. It has had a positive influence on my life, by encouraging me to reconnect with my roots and beliefs, on my own search for peace.”

Katrina: How do you chose the names of the characters in your books?

Donald: I draw the names out of a hat. I once ended up with a protagonist named 6 7/8. Seriously, I don’t dwell too much on names. Sometimes they are meaningful but usually not. In Reforming the Potter’s clay I consciously created a Salvador (savior), Pedro (Peter – the rock), and Adam. I also had a science teacher named Darwin .

Katrina: How did you decide on the cover of Angels of Interstate 29?

Donald: My latest cover was pretty easy. It’s a love story about senior citizens who decide to patrol the Interstate highway to play good Samaritans. So I needed a shot of the Interstate and a picture of my protagonist and the lady of the story superimposed. I’ve had three different covers for All the Voices in the Wind (version 2 never made it to production but was featured in a video.

Katrina: Are you involved in any upcoming events we can look for?

Donald: I am trying to arrange some discussions (read debates here) with people in the science world dealing with the topic of Darwin ‘s theory of evolution. Nothing has been scheduled yet. I have done book signings and am not enamored of the use of my time. God has laid on my heart things that need to be written. If I’m out mingling with people so they’ll buy my books, I can’t be at my computer accomplishing my mission of bringing truth to the world. Whereas most writers hope to sell as many books as they can, I’m striving to write things that will get into the hands of the people who need to hear the message. As a result, I offer free downloads of my e-books on my website so everyone can afford them. If I can touch people’s lives and never glean a penny from it, I’ll be successful. In a way, my desire to profit is a conflict of interest with my motivation for writing.

Katrina: Where can the reader find your latest releases?

Donald:, Amazon, Barnes and Noble (online).

Katrina:  Thank you so much for being here with us. I’d like to open the comment section to our viewers at this time.


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I Know How You Feel

A dear friend of mine lost her baby girl just this past Friday night.

I dug up this old article I wrote last year and wanted to repost it in honor of Kaylen Leigh Phillips. My heart goes out to the family during this time. Please leave a comment of encouragement for this dear family. I will email a copy of the comments and let them know they are being prayed for.

Thank you so much.

“I Know How You Feel”

Just when you think it can’t get worse, some well-wisher comes along to whisper in your ear, “I know how you feel”. They simply can’t find the words to say anything else. Hearing those words seldom eases the pain. Hearing how your friend once lost their home doesn’t solve your money problems. Hearing about their divorce doesn’t erase your spouse’s infidelity. And hearing someone else’s tragedy of loss doesn’t bring back your loved one.

In the midst of the storm, whatever your storm, it’s nearly impossible to imagine that anyone has felt your pain. To know another soul breathing has endured such turmoil just to remain upright is practically unthinkable. As your tears fall, these words are but another mindless background noise left to take up space during the trial.

This trial was no different. For days friends, family, co-workers and fellow church members hovered. Casserole dishes came in and out. Soft music echoed in the sitting room as candles were kept lit in the bathroom. Everyone was there. Everyone except Lazarus and Jesus. With the wake behind them, Lazarus’ sisters were left with the task of entertaining mourners, planning the funeral, and maintaining a smile. Martha had never been much good at putting on a pleasant front. Certainly this day wouldn’t change that. She owned her feelings and had mastered the art of allowing her emotions to precede her actions.

Mary, on the other hand spent the evening smiling, however plastered, and shaking hands. Occasionally, she would share a Lazarus story with a friend wishing a trail down memory lane. With a constant tear, Mary held it together. Martha was not so lucky.

A picture of Lazarus stood on an artist’s easel as loved ones moved in a greeting line, touching his smile with the tips of their fingers.

“Where is Jesus in all this?” Martha would grunt angrily while pouring yet another tray of drinks for the guest. “Why isn’t He here? Why are we alone?” In such a moment loneliness, fear, resentment, and good old fashioned heart ache creeps in to take up residence. When the very one you love has been taken, time is just a word and healing is a world away. Knowing a room full of former broken hearts are standing by to offer apologies does nothing to ease the ruptured vessels that have taken you hostage. When all you can do is scream “why”, nothing else seems to matter.

The entire town had gathered. Flowers covered the freshly turned soil as the box of tissue passed through the crowd. “I know how you feel” didn’t stop the procession. It didn’t erase the scars that had already taken residence in the sister’s hearts. One final kiss on the cheek and Lazarus had just as quickly become a memory.

To be sure, God Himself wiped away a tear. To see Mary and Martha clutching a shirt of his in hopes of holding their brother’s scent for a moment longer. Certainly He whispered, “I know how you feel. I’ve been there. The pain DOES fade. Hold on, you’ll see him again. I know…I know how you feel.”

When the storm is raging and our hearts are broken, seeing God’s purpose and feeling His well earned compassion can be far from present moment. All too often, we stand with the pieces of our world and tattered umbrellas in our tear soaked hands. In our own understanding, we can not see an ounce of healing. It is in those very moments that God calls us to rest. He promises rest, in fact! “Come to me all you who labor and are heaven laden, and I WILL GIVE YOU REST!”  Matthew 11:2

“I know how you feel,” He whispers. “Come rest on my shoulder. Wrap yourself with my arms and wait. I WILL give you rest. The pain does lesson. Hold on. You will hold his hand again. You will touch his face. I know how you feel”. I can only imagine the pain the Father felt as Mary and Martha sobbed uncontrollably as the stone covered all signs of Lazarus’ life. I can picture His arms out stretched in an attempt to share his story of love lost. Surely He knows the feeling of losing the very person your heart beats for. Giving His only son knowing he’ll have to watch Jesus take his last breath nailed to the cross gave Him the ability to say “I Know how you feel”.

In true form, Jesus rides in like the Savior He is. Oddly enough, his steps were slow. There was no anxiety in his movements. By the time Jesus made it to graveside to console Mary and Martha, days had passed. Expectantly, Mary screamed in anger. Jesus was her friend…she was angry! “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!” (John 11:21)

Haven’t we all felt like that at some point? If only Jesus had been there. When we are looking for someone to blame for our pain, isn’t He the likely suspect? When the world doesn’t seem to feel our pain, isn’t Jesus the one we want answers from?

“Your brother WILL rise again” ( John 11:23) He promises with a strong look of “I know how you feel”

Lazarus did rise again. Jesus called him, by name to walk out of the grave and he did. We can’t always see the outcome while clinging to a mangled umbrella. There are times when we can’t see past our tear filled, blood shot eyes. It is in these times, God calls us to lay our head in his lap and simply rest. He doesn’t call us in for a lecture of lack of faith, but to run his fingers through our hair and offer rest as he whispers, “I know how you feel”.

When the family and friends leave, when the last casserole has been eaten and the flowers fade, there is a place to rest. He does know how you feel, even if no one else does. He offers hope and promises peace. Cry for as long as you need to. Hurt as long as it takes. He is there holding the tissue.


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You have 90 seconds!


You have 90 seconds to choose a better life.

If you know anything about me by now, you know I’m all about challenging you to be the best you can be and  pushing you to go public with it.

Well today is no different.

You’ve heard me talking about “The Ultimate You” week here on Kat Logic. March 9-13 I’ll he hosting some of the most amazing experts in several areas that we all deal with daily: Money, Organization, Business, Relationships, and Health. You won’t want to miss this incredible week. We’re bringing these gurus to you free of charge to help you improve your life in 2009.

I decided to host this event after all the news on the economy and listening to my readers discuss the things that hender them the most. Well, I’m right there with you. But one of the biggest issues I’m having right now is my health and my weight.

You all know my history. Pulmonary embolism followed by a third heart attack. What you may not know is the days preceding my near death experience, I was running up to 13 miles a day. I was a volunteer fire fighter. I was an avid rock climber. I believed I was in great shape. I was at a good weight. Life was good. None of that prevented me from having a heart attack. And as we all known, heart diseace is the leading cause of death in women. I was 32 when I had my 3rd heart attack and was given a 1% chance to live when they discovered my pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung).

Three years later, I’ve gained 60 lbs…yes 60! I can hardly breath climbing a flight of stairs. I don’t leaving my house because I hate the way I look. Nothing fits anymore. I simply don’t have the energy to do anything. Rock climbing is out of the picture and I may never get to repel onto a burning building again. Running a marathon would mean sure death for me.  I miss the things I use to love. I’ve spent three years denying to truth about my health and I’m willing to bet a lot of you are too.

As I’m planning “The Ultimate You” week, I came across an amazing health/fitness expert, Pete Cerqua, founder of 90-second Fitness. What an amazing man. I gave Pete a call today to secure him as an expert for the week. Little did I know he had other plans. No sooner did the conversation begin, was he asking questions about my health and lifestyle. In a matter of minutes, he’d dubbed himself my personal trainer and off we go.

Let me give a little description of the program:

90secondHow little do you have to do to firm up, lose fat, strengthen bones, improve mood, and boost energy? Renowned New York fitness trainer Pete Cerqua’s answer is startling: 15 minutes of exercise a week.

Pete’s revolutionary strength-training plan includes only the most efficient exercises, which each last 90 seconds but powerfully accelerate your metabolism. By doing these exercises while following his sensible yet simple eating approach and lifestyle advice, you will become stronger and leaner. And this will happen quickly — so fast that you will shrink your body by a full dress size in just eight weeks.

The power of this remarkable program is its simplicity. You can exercise at home without changing into workout clothes. You eat well without counting calories or carbs, and don’t even need a complicated grocery list. You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment, gym memberships, supplements, and meal replacement products.

Pete has created a truly manageable program for the busiest of women. Complete with more than thirty delicious yet quick-and-easy recipes and backed by dozens of testimonials and hundreds of medical studies, Pete’s program is proven to work. The results are dramatic and all the more satisfying because they last.

So, here’s a challenge for you all. We have a little less than 2 months before the launch of “The Ultimate You” week. I’d like to challenge you to join me on this fitness journey.  Purchase his book (it’s available on ebook, too). Get a journal (I picked one up at Wal-mart) and let’s get started.

His first piece of advice for me:  Get a juicer. Start drinking vegetable and fruit juice.  He didn’t tell me to give up the things I was eating, and he didn’t on purpose. He didn’t yell at me for not going to the gym, in fact he told me not to. Seeing how I was in great shape when I had a heart attack…being in great cardio shape didn’t prevent me from having one.

For the first time in years, I’m excited about my health. I believe there is change on the horizon and I know many of clockyou need to join me. I’m not asking you what you weigh or what size you wear. But I am asking you to start having more energy. To start enjoying your life more and to get back in shape…. 90 seconds at a time.  How much time do you really need, or better yet, do you know how much time you have left?

Pete will be joining us by podcast on March 14th to hear your questions and hopefully your success stories. Who’s joining me today for a 90 second step to better health?


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What are you looking at?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the image staring back at you? Perhaps it’s an extra few pounds, a few gray hair, or a wrinkle here and there. Those things tend to alter the

But what if when what you see looking back at you is nothing of what you remember? The person you see is not at all the person that roams around in your memories. Maybe you look like you’ve got it all together but inside you see a different person.

I met a wonderful man about five years ago. The most incredible man I’d ever met. The answer to every prayer I’d sent up since the age of four. He smiled at me with the most amazing sense of peace and I knew he was the one. For the first time in my life, I knew someone really loved me. However, when I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t understand what he saw. Nothing made sense to me. I wasn’t the wonderful person he believed me to be. I wasn’t this passionate, caring, great person he made me out to be. My fear was, sooner or later, he’d see the real me and I’d be done for.

After all, I’d made so many mistakes in my life. I’d been divorced. I’d hurt people. I’d lied, not been to church, had an anger issue. There was a million reason he shouldn’t love me. He saw none of it. I was overweight, out of shape and headed to an early grave. He never saw it.

funhouse2It’s the same way with God. We see all the things we’ve done wrong. We see all the reasons He shouldn’t love us and forgive us.  He sees none of it. When we ask for forgiveness, He casts our sins to the depths of the sea and as far as the east is from the west to be remembered no more. So what we see when we look at ourselves is a distorted image. It isn’t the image He sees at all. He doesn’t see all the mistakes we’ve made. All the wrongs we’ve committed don’t hang on us like a big red “A”.  He sees His child coming home. He sees the heart He resides in. He sees a new beginning.

Becoming “distortion free” takes an act of courage and one big giant step of faith. Changing the image we see takes understanding that we are new creations in Christ..the old is gone and the new has come.funhouse3

What do you see when you look at yourself? Do you see what He sees? If not, quit looking in the fun-house mirrors and take a look up.


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