Day of Rest

18 Jan

Sunday is the day of rest…or it should be.  God tells us to take a break. To slow down and enjoy His creation for a moment. He did. After six days of molding and making all that we see today, He sat down and took in a deep breath to relax and enjoy it.

We’re suppose to do the same. So why is it so hard to do that? Slowing down has never come easy for me. I’m running around chasing kids all day….EVERY day from sun up to way past sun down. Working full time, writing full time, planning events, starting a business, a million things to multi-task. How am I suppose to rest on Sunday?

I remember a few years ago when I felt God telling me to take a break. To slow down and enjoy the kids. Now there’s a novel idea. Enjoy the kids? Do you have any? Do you know my confusion? I have three, ages 10,11,12. There’s always a fight going on. Always a battle to referee. Enjoying them is not something that comes easy. Needless to say, I heard Him commanding me to do so.

I didn’t listen. I kept right on going. Working round the clock. Refereeing around the clock. Planning, writing, running, etc. I worked my way right into another heart attack and pulmonary embolism within 6 days of each other until I was lying flat on my back staring straight up for the better part of 6 weeks. Six weeks of rest. Not quite what I was hoping for but when we don’t listen, God gets our attention.

Do I rest more? Well, I left the Operating Room and began working from home. It feels like I work harder now. There seem to be more conflicts to resolve and more writing, planning, and multi-tasking to do.

Today, I think I’ll rest. Take in a long movie with NO computer. Take in a long warm bubble bath with candles and NO kids standing at the door.  I think I’ll take in a day to rest and restore my energy before heading into another week of working around the clock. Tomorrow I’ll put back on my striped uniform and whistle and get full force into the battles again but today…right now, I’m going to kick my feet up, grab a bag of over buttered, salty popcorn and relax.

See you tomorrow….bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Posted by on January 18, 2009 in encouragement


4 responses to “Day of Rest

  1. Connie Arnold

    January 18, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Good for you, Katrina! As you have discovered, working yourself so hard that you become ill and can’t do anything is very counter- productive! Do treasure those children since time flies by so quickly, and then they have grown and left home. God has given you an important reminder. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Marvin D Wilson

    January 19, 2009 at 2:55 am

    Eat that popcorn, watch that movie and brush your bright bushy tail, Kat. We need you all perky and fresh.

  3. Marvin D Wilson

    January 19, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    Good for you. You go girl You go on ‘n GET your rest, GF. (smile)

    Hmmm – bubble bath – haven’t tried that in about 50 years. Might be just the thing to loosen the old silly up a little.

  4. Margaret Fieland

    January 19, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Katrina, good for you for taking that time to rest —


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