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Releasing a child to the streets of Heaven

Monday February 23 marks the one month anniversary of the passing of 4 month old Kaylen Leigh Phillips.

Since Kaylen entered into Heaven, her mother and I have launched a ministry to help other parents dealing with the loss of a child.  In one month, Kaylen’s Write to Heal has ministered to five families as they’ve turned their precious children over to the Lord.

Now we need your help. This weekend we are hosting a fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $5000 and 500 emails for this wonderful ministry.  I hope I never have to deal with the pain of burying my child but if I do, I’m certain receiving the cards and letters from the members of Kaylen’s Write to Heal would bring me great comfort.

Please help us reach this goal!!

Spread the word!!

Kaylen’s Write To Heal



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Weighing in…Update from the Phat Farm

Just a quick post to those following along in my weight loss journey.scales2

Last week I posted my dirty secret and broadcasted my weight. Well, as promised I’m back to give you an update.

Last week, I topped the scale at an embarrassing 193.8 lbs. Today, I weigh in at 187.2 for a grand total of 6.6 lbs.  42 more lbs to go.

I’ve been doing the 90 second fitness program and I have to tell you, every muscle in my body is sore. You know, that good kind of sore where you know you’ve had a great workout. Oddly enough, I haven’t stepped foot in a gym and my work out so far has taken about 60 seconds total each day. (Working my way up to 180 seconds). Yep, three minutes a day..that’s the goal.

scalesI’ve taken pictures and can definitely see a change already. I have more energy and am feeling great. Of course, I still have a LONG road ahead.  I’m speaking at a Women of Faith Conference April 18th so that’s one goal I have to look great for. The other is seeing my husband April 10 for the first time in 4 months.

Join me in this journey.


I’ll be posting today’s WAHM in about an hour so stay tuned.


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Seeing Green

Yep, I’m seeing green. I may be a bit jealous and of course I have a green thumb. But what’s got me so green today?

Well, it’s today’s WAHM Denise Friedl. Denise is a Shaklee Go Green Independent Representative. I am so excited to share her information with you this morning. Improving our environment is at the top of my top 10 to-do list. She’s an amazing mom and one incredible lady.  I will be hosting a BLOG Tour for Denise in the next few weeks, so be sure to watch for details on following her tour and learning more about Going Green.

Here’s what Denise has to say about being a Shaklee Representative:


My Shaklee Story
As a Shaklee Independent Distributor, I work with Shaklee Corporation to offer my clients the best products science and nature have to offer. I take very seriously Shaklee’s mission to Create Healthier Lives. It has done so much for me and it can for you as well.

I stand behind the quality and efficacy of each and every Shaklee product I represent. I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every nutritional, personal care, and household product I sell. If our products are not the best they can be – and the best you can buy – what else matters?
Please know that my goal is to provide you with the best service possible. If you have any questions about me or the products I represent, please don’t hesitate to contact me; to do so, just click on the Contact Me link at the top of this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great Shaklee day!

Denise has donated samples to be included in each of the goody bags given away this week. Be sure to leave her a comment or ask a question for a chance to win one of these goody bags full of samples and business information.


Yesterday’s goody bag winners are Den Hockenberry and Joylene Butler. If you two could email me at with your mailing address, I will get your goody bags out to you.


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Self Published & Top Shelf

Boy do I have a treat for all my author friends out there today. You and I both know how difficult it is to not only get the book written but to get it out there on the shelves.
Well, joining us today is Jill Exler. Jill  provides great tips for self-published authors on the radio program for work-at-home-Moms, Blog Talk.

Katrina: Great to have you here Jill. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on.

Jill: I’m working on my website,, which is a place for writers who have self-published their books to list and sell them.  It’s a great place for readers to find unique books, as well!

Katrina: What made you start Jexbo?

Jill: I started my site when I was looking for a place to sell my own book and couldn’t find anything that was a good fit for me.  Either the websites I found were too difficult for the average reader to find unless they knew exactly what they were looking for, or else the website took a high percentage of the sales (jexbo takes just 5%).  Self-published authors have a lot of choices about where they have their books published, but they don’t have the same outlets to sell their books that writers who have their books traditionally printed have.  Self-published authors have to do a lot of the promotion themselves, and not everyone has that talent or the time to do it.  My site is also a great site for writers who are WAHMs because they can have total control over their book and they can do it from home.

Katrina:  What has been the greatest challenge of starting Jexbo?

Jill: The biggest hurdle has been finding a web developer who is able to make my site exactly what I want it to be.  One challenge that us probably unique to me is that I live in Germany, 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so often if I have a question or problem I need answered, I have to wait until the next day for answers.  This however is also helpful in that I can do much of my work even before people in the US have gotten up.

Katrina: What tips do you have for WAHMs juggling work and home life.

Jill: My biggest tip for raising children and starting a business is find a time you are able to get work done – either early morning, late night, or while the kids are at school.  This sounds obvious, but it’s easy to let things slide if you don’t have a routine, and working in fits and starts might work for some people, but it’s better to have a schedule of some sort, even if it does have to be flexible.

Katrina: What advice do you have for moms wanting to start their own business?

Jill: I think other mothers who want to start a business should go for it.  Find a mentor or friend you can count on for support, because there will be plenty of times you just roll your eyes and think “I’ve had enough,” and you’ll need someone who is able to encourage you.  Also join other groups of entrepreneurs who can give advice and provide constructive criticism.  You can find a wealth of help online, or check out your local chamber of commerce for groups in your neighborhood.

Katrina: What advice do you have for self-published authors trying to get their books out there to the public?

Jill: Self-published authors nowadays can market their books in a number of ways.  If you’ve used an online publishing house, see if they let you list your book on their website, if you’ve used a local publisher, ask if you can leave a few copies of your book with them.  Brainstorm with friends to find your target market and focus on how you can get your book into that market’s hands.  For instance, if you’ve written a history of your hometown, check out the historical society to see if they have a newsletter which could promote your book.  Get in touch with your hometown newspaper to see if they’d run a story about your or your book.  To reach a broad market, consider listing your book on my site,, for 99¢ per month.  From my site, you can print bookmarks with your name, the name of your book, and “buy my book on” which you can pass out to let people know you have a book and where they can find it.

Katrina:  How can our viewers locate you if they have questions or would like to aquire your services?

Jill: I am always happy to talk to anyone who has questions about jexbo and I am best reached by email at

Katrina:  How has your family supported you in starting your business?

Jill: My family is very supportive and understanding that even on weekends I have to spend at least some time on the computer checking my site and answering emails.  Also because of the time difference between Germany and the US, when I have interviews or need to talk to someone in a different time zone, they know to not interrupt even if it is at an odd time here.

Katrina: Thanks so much for joining us today. I look forward to hearing more about Jexbo Saturday on our Kat Logic Out Loud podcast.


Yesterday’s goody bag winners are: Lin Neiswender and Joyce Anthony. If you two could email me ( )with your mailing address, I’ll send your goody bag.


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The 25th Hour

You’ve heard of the 11th hour. You’ve experienced the constraints of not enough time. I’m willing to bet most of you have repeated this very prayer, “Dear God, if you can part the Red Sea, can’t you give me just another hour?”

well, your prayers have been heard and answered.

Here with me this evening is Gwynne Lacey from 25th Hour VA (virtual assistance). Lord knows I could use an assistant right about now.

Here’s what Gwynne has to say about the services she offers:

How much money are you losing by spending time on those tasks?  If you could free up that time, what would you do?  How much more money could you make?

As your Virtual Assistant, I can take on those tasks that are wasting your time!
  • Research
  • Desktop publishing
  • Word processing
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • File Conversion
  • Newsletter maintenance
  • Contact management
  • Remote receptionist
  • Customer support
  • And so much more!

Check out her site.


Hello, I’m Gwynne.  I’m a single mom, and I started The 25th Hour VA to help small business owners and other work-at-home-moms find the time that they need to do what is important to them, whether that be make more money, or spend more time with their families.  I have over a decade of office management and administrative experience with small businesses.  In fact, my first job was as the office manager for a small limousine service.

In the past, I’ve also run a small business selling books on the Marketplace.  I’m also the author of the blog Living on (Less Than) a Dime, and Work at Home Newbie, a blog about and for those just beginning to work at home, or just considering the transition.


Gwynne will be giving away 2 hours of VA services as a door prize. To be eligible, you will need to leave a comment here (with your email) and be present Saturday for our Kat Logic Out Loud podcast (what for announcement of specific hours) where each mom will tell us about their business and give you the chance to ask your questions live.

Join us back here tomorrow morning for the next WAHM and also to find out the two goody bag winners from today.


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Clean it up!

Throw out that red market, forget about spell check, and stop stressing over proper grammar, I,ve got the answer to all your writing nightmares. Today during the work at home mom’s week, we’re going to help you clean it up.

This morning’s WAHM is none other than the award winning author, professional editing,  autistic research supporting, supermom Lea Schizas.

Lea is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met in all my (too many years).   She’s an award winning author of the latest release Bubba & Giganto as well as several others.  (Purchase her books)


One of the things I love most about Lea is her drive to further research on autism.

e24e96fc9cba67ca_sYou’ll be hearing a lot more about Lea’s campaign to end autism. She’s planning an Autism Awareness Walk this June so be sure to check back to get more details. Because of her strive to make our world a better place, Lea was one of the very first recipients of the Kat Logic Ruby Heart Award. She certainly deserves it.

leaseditingservicesLea is here today offering a discount on editing services to the Kat Logic viewers.  Her usual $2 page is discounted to $1 for you guys til the end of February.  Here’s what Lea has to say about her amazing editing services:

Want to get published?

Then two sets of eyes are better than one!

Do you have a book,  or short story (children’s or adult’s) that requires editing?

Then you’re in luck.

I am a passionate and diligent writer and editor. I offer you quality service at competitive rates.

We’ll work together until we both agree the manuscript is ready to go out to publishers.

Some of the areas I focus on are:

1. Plot holes
2. Wordiness
3. Consistency
4. Dialogue
5. Characterization
6. Head hopping

and more!

Many writers are too attached to their work to see missing elements within their manuscript.

That is why a professional editor is a wise choice.

A good editor will help you develop your characters, enhance your dialogue, and structure your story in order to grab your reader’s attention.


For more information, send me an email to:

Yesterday’s goody bag recipients are:  Katie Hines & Lee Ann. Katie & Lee Ann, please email your mailing address.
Watch tomorrow for today’s goody bag recipients. Each bag is full of samples from companies such as Story Time Felt, Shaklee, My Precious Kids, and others.


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Have you ever felt it ?

I’ve felt it. My kids have felt it. But the question is, have you?

Our next featured mom is Lois Graham, Story Time Felt Team Leader from Western NC.

stf_top“As a wife and home schooling mother of two I can engage my children with hands on learning. Story Time Felts has made a impressive difference in their learning, creativity , and imagination! They have learned goal setting, gain confidence, business skills, and more by being my assistants.

Once upon a time….My children loved the felt and wanted more. I wanted to have a party and earn Free felt. Since there was not a consultant in the area, I joined.  Soon I saw difference that felt makes and others wanted to know more.

Being a Story Time Felts Consultant has opened up doors and dreams I never thought possible. The support and incentives that the company offers is fantastic! I love being able to stay at home with my family, make money, and share these great high quality educational tools with others. This is a “felt”astic company and product!”  ~ Lois Graham

There are several ways to be involved in Story Time Felt. You can host home parites, online parties, or even become a consultant yourself among other things.

Be sure to ask Lois about her business opportunities and check out her site. She has included samples to be included in each goody bag given away this week. Ask any questions you might have. She’s here to answer.

In Home Party

  • Stories and songs and activities demonstrated
    by a local Consultant
  • Door prize drawing
  • About 1 hour
  • Children welcome
Catalog Party

  • Packet mailed to you, including 5 catalogs, order forms and other marketing materials
  • 1 felt sample
  • 1 week to collect orders
  • Meet in our chat room at a specified time.
  • Door prize drawing
  • About 1 hour
  • Orders taken entirely online through website or email

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