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Where I’ve been…What I’ve Learned

Wow…it’s been such a long time.  So much has happened since I’ve been away.  (Sounds like that old movie…”While You Were Sleeping”) And it almost feels that way, too.

Anyway, my health has really taken a toll. My heart disease seems to be worsening as many of you have heard.  I’ve once again been forced to take a look at life from a different angle.  I am all too aware that time is of the essence and honesty is of the up-most importance. I’ve therefore started a new BLOG, called If I Could Say.  I’m asking folks to say whatever is on their mind..whatever they wish they could say out loud. (Anonymously, of course) So head on over and clear the air.

Next, I’m trying to learn to take it easy. Stress really aggravates my heart condition and lowers my life span.  So, I’m trying to focus on the important things and leave the rest behind.  One thing’s for sure, I want to really start bringing more of an awareness to my readers (especially my female readers) about heart disease and ways to either prevent it, or prevent it from getting worse.  Watch for more of that.

I’m also going to start bringing more of a live feed about my health condition, life in the Wampler Household and the changes as we merge into a blended family with different religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

Now I want to know what you’ve been up to? Got any good news to share? Any updates or questions?

Great to be back and I look forward to reconnecting.


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