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Hearing God Speak

I’ve been reading lately about how to really hear God speaking in your life.  I don’t know about you, but with the noise of work, kids, marriage, etc…hearing God can become difficult. Sometimes it seems impossible.

I spent most of my life believing God only speaks to a few people. A very select few and I would not be one of them. I am learning different.

I’ve been going through some pretty tough battles lately and I’ve been asking God to not only reveal Himself to me but to speak so loudly I could not mistake his voice. I only heard silence. Well… not silence. I have heard the constant screaming, cursing, and bickering from a ‘friend’ I’ve attempted to help this summer. (No good deed goes unpunished..just a little tip there).

The other day it had gotten particularly bad. It takes a lot to anger me, but let me say.. I was there. Blood boiling, jaws clenched, kids ducking behind the car worried of what I might be doing. No, I was not mad at them. Quite the opposite. They’ve made me right proud lately.

Anyway, so I’m cryin out to God asking Him to please speak to me. To please show me what to do in this situation. I heard Him so clearly, “You can’t hear me when I speak for all the noise and chaos you are in now. Get out and get peace.”  With all the mess going on lately, I simply could not hear Him.

As parents, we know how that goes. We could talk until we are blue in the face but with all the racket in the kids’ rooms, they tune us out. They don’t hear what we need to say because they are surrounded by noise.  We have to go in their rooms, point to the radio and give them the signal to turn it down.

God does the same with us. So, I’m getting out of the situation that has me so nuts lately. Watch for updates as I move on and listen closer to God.

What noise do you have in your life that is preventing you from hearing God? Turn down the music, hush the chaos and listen close. He’s speaking.

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Under Attack

I’m a fairly level headed girl.  It takes  quite a bit to ruffle my feathers and get me geared up for battle.

I’m there!!

I have some pretty great kids. Don’t get me wrong. They have their share of tifts. They lose their cool from time to time and have even been known to slam a door or two. All in all, they are strong in their values and beliefs and take offense to bad language and behavior.

Well, they’ve been under some great attack lately. A dear “friend” of mine has taken to blaming them every time their child does something wrong or something is out place.  I usually let it slide but this time I couldn’t. This time my blood is boiling!!

My friend’s three year old son walked in the door and popped his middle finger in the air with glee. She demanded to know who taught him that trick. She repeated it over and over as he gave a different name each time.  None of the names were acceptable. So now it seems it is my children’s fault.

So I’m struggling now with how to handle this. My instinct is to rip her apart and defend my children.  I keep asking myself what God would do in my place.  How would he handle a situation like this? I try to show love and mercy but the how much is enough?

What do you do in this situation? How do you handle a constant attack?

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You’ve got to be kidding me!!

So… I’ve had some health issues lately.  Nothing new.  I’ve battled heart disease for quite some time now.  Battled Lupus.  Won/lost the battle of the bulge. It all goes in a vicious circle.

I’ve finally gotten back into the routine of working out daily, drinking a boat load of water, high protein foods, low carbs, little if any sugar at all… so what gives?  I’m walking anywhere between five and eight miles EVERY day. I’ve even gone back to running.  I smell like sweat more often than perfume. I’m in jogging clothes more often than jeans yet the scale isn’t moving an ounce.

It would be so easy to get frustrated and go back to the Oreos  and Lays Potato chips.  Trust me, it has crossed my mind too many times.  Every time I chug a gallon of water, I think of how much I’d like to be gulping down a bottle of Mt. Dew.  Still, I keep going.

Are you using a weight loss system that’s working for you? Give us (give ME) the details. Share your story. Summer is well on its way and I am running out of time. Any words of advice and pushes of encouragement would be very welcomed.


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Too young for a boyfriend

I was asked a question recently.  A reader emailed me and wanted my opinion on a very touchy subject.

“Dear Kat,

I was wondering what your take is on allowing your preteen to have a boyfriend? My daughter is 12 and already this is a topic in our home.  I’d really love to hear your opinion.

Losing my mind in OH.”

I’d like to answer that here on Kat Logic for any of you that may be going through the same thing.

Dear “Losing my mind in OH”,

Dating, boyfriends/girlfriends and relationships has been a hot topic in the Wampler household since the time my kids could walk and talk.  It is my firm belief that if children grow up knowing what is expected of them, the boundaries are clear and easily laid out when the time arrives.

I also have a 12 year old daughter.  It has always been understood in our house that having a boyfriend/girlfriend while in school is really pointless. School is the focus not a relationship that will only stir up their immature emotions and cause stress where there shouldn’t be.

I see parents all the time allowing boyfriends/girlfriends to come in and out of their home. Allowing their children to frequent the homes of young boys and girls.  Allowing your children to be involved in an emotional relationship at such a young age has (in my opinion) no positive outcome.

Children aren’t emotionally stable enough to handle the roller coaster ride of a relationship that will not last.  They don’t have the forethought to understand the dangers of sex or the consequences. Not at twelve.

The average age children are becoming sexually active in this day and time has reached an all time low of 11 years old. Yes, eleven. Fifth grade. As parents, it is our job to prevent them from going down the wrong path when they are unable to make those choices on their own. Allowing them constant contact with the opposite sex (in my opinion) actually steers them in the wrong direction.

I take a very no-nonsense approach to abstenance and self respect with my children and believe dating is not healthy nor productive at a young age.  So far, while my children witness their friends “dating” I have often heard them say, “that’s not a good idea”.   They have great heads on their shoulders and a strong focus for what’s important for their futures. They are saving for college and their first home. I don’t believe they are missing out on anything.

Good luck with your daughter. It’s a tough world out there and we have to stay on top of it…for our kids’ sake.


If you have a question you’d like answered, please email me. I will post the answer here along with an emailed copy.

Your  comments are welcomed.


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The 100 Year Rule

Are you a worrier? Maybe not so much a worrier but someone that stresses over absolutely everything. Every detail of every detail.

I have a dear friend…love her to pieces but dear God she stresses over every minute detail of her life. Everything bothers her. Seeing a candy wrapper in her yard sends her soaring into some wild out of control rage. My kids and I just stand back and watch in amazement.

I certainly use to live that way. Everything had to be perfect. Everything had to go according to plan. Having a heart attack and given a 1% chance to live with a pulmonary embolism kind of changes that. I now live by what a dear friend of mine and I call “The 100 Year Rule”

Simply put, if it won’t matter 100 years from now, it doesn’t matter in this moment. Things like laundry out of place or my kids report card not being what I’d hoped for really won’t exist in the bigger picture.

My daughter struggles with Math…she has dyscalculia (the math form of dyslexia). She spent many nights this year crying over it until I said one day… “Whether or not you ever learn to multiple is not the goal in life. Do your best at everything but remember, in 100 years no one is going to say…she sure could spit out those multiplication tables. How you live for Christ and what you’ve done with your life for Him is what will be passed down 100 years from now. Love the Lord with all your heart and focus on the bigger picture.”

I try real hard to live my life that way now. How are you living? What matters to you today? Will it matter 100 years from now? If not, leave it alone.

That’s just my logic….Kat Logic


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I’m Not Sharing!!!

It’s Mine

First let me say it’s so great to be back and I look forward to getting back on schedule of posting each day. Thanks for being here with me.

Now, on to the topic of today…. To Share or Not to Share… that is the question.

I have a good friend, great mom of 4 that forces her children to share EVERYTHING. When I say force, I don’t mean she nudges or persuades. I mean she literally forces them to share absolutely everything. If someone else wants it, they must surrender it questions asked. Nothing is off limits.

I am the total opposite with my three children. I teach my children that you don’t always get what you want just because you want it. You can ask once but if the answer is no, they must accept it and move on.

I do encourage my children to share but ultimately the decision is up to them whether or not to allow someone else access to the things they’ve worked for and earned.  My logic…. that’s reality. I can’t demand my neighbor to turn over their vehicle simply because I think I’d look great driving it. I can’t run on over and throw my steaks on the grill because the smell of charcoal is making my mouth water. I certainly can’t go skinny dipping in their pool because the heat is getting the better of me. So why in the world would I teach my children that they have no choice in the matter of how to handle their own belongings? More important, why would I dare teach my children they can have whatever they want. That all they’d have to do is throw and fit and it’s theirs?

So, I want to know what the general population of moms out there is thinking? Do you make your kids share or do you allow them to make their own choice in the matter? Take a second to answer the poll and be sure to check back in to see what the majority says.

By all means, leave a comment with your thoughts? Am  I wrong in my thinking? I want to know.

Until I’m proving wrong, I’ll be teaching my kids that no is not a dirty word and just because you want it doesn’t make it yours.

That’s my logic…. Kat Logic.


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