Under Attack

30 May

I’m a fairly level headed girl.  It takes  quite a bit to ruffle my feathers and get me geared up for battle.

I’m there!!

I have some pretty great kids. Don’t get me wrong. They have their share of tifts. They lose their cool from time to time and have even been known to slam a door or two. All in all, they are strong in their values and beliefs and take offense to bad language and behavior.

Well, they’ve been under some great attack lately. A dear “friend” of mine has taken to blaming them every time their child does something wrong or something is out place.  I usually let it slide but this time I couldn’t. This time my blood is boiling!!

My friend’s three year old son walked in the door and popped his middle finger in the air with glee. She demanded to know who taught him that trick. She repeated it over and over as he gave a different name each time.  None of the names were acceptable. So now it seems it is my children’s fault.

So I’m struggling now with how to handle this. My instinct is to rip her apart and defend my children.  I keep asking myself what God would do in my place.  How would he handle a situation like this? I try to show love and mercy but the how much is enough?

What do you do in this situation? How do you handle a constant attack?

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Posted by on May 30, 2009 in encouragement


One response to “Under Attack

  1. DeAnna Chandler

    May 30, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    That is a real hard one. I would have to talk with her and ask why does she assume that your kids are teaching hers some bad stuff and how would she feel if it happened to her. Let her know it really bothers you since you know it’s not true. A true friend isn’t going to be that way, they know better and if something comes up, they will talk with you.
    Good luck


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