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The pros and cons of Homeschooling.

When my children were younger, I homeschooled them.  We loved it. Unfortunately, I divorced and had to go to a day job and put my children in public school. Thankfully, they’ve had some great schools.

That is not the case now.

So, I’m weighing the options of going back to homeschooling. Their ages are 10,12,13. The oldest is going into 8th grade. Of course we would get very involved in extra curricular activities with other homeschoolers. We’d be very involved in our church.

The community we are in leaves a lot to be desired in the way of morals, ethics and positive influences. The thought of putting my children in a public school in this community for eight full hours a day just sends chills up my spine.  Finding other friends and acquaintances that share our belief system is becoming increasingly difficult as time goes on.  So, I’m back on the road to find the right thing for my children.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. What are your pros and cons for HSing? Do you HS? Why or Why not?

If we do choose to HS, I will definitely share that experience with you all. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Building a Christian Mom Resource Site

So I’ve moved to a new area. Already I cringe as I hear the neighbors screaming and cursing down the way. The sales clerks at the book store are nasty and the kids in the neighborhood have a foul mouth.

How do I raise Godly in children in an atmosphere like this?

Because of the difficulty I’m facing in my new world, I’ve decided to create a Christian mom resource site to help others in this situation. A place where Christian moms can go to find events and activities for their families. I will also be listing Christian businesses since it is my goal to shop from them first before giving my business elsewhere.

I come from a different culture, I suppose. A place where kids say “yes maim and no maim”. A place where you speak to the person on the side walk instead of pretending you don’t see them. You hold the door for the person behind you. Certainly those places still exist other than the South. I’m sure praying it does.

What a journey this will be. One were my faith is tested, my prayer life is strengthened and I am forced to find new surroundings for my children. Stay tuned as I share this journey.

Until then, I need your help. If you have a Christian business you’d like added to the resource site I’m building, send me the name, address, URL if you have one and any other important information. If you have a website or blog, I’d like to add that as well. I am also doing book reviews and interviews with Christian authors if you’d like to participate in that. I’ll be doing a different one every Wednesday.

Twice a month we’ll be taking a mom hostage in our “Mom-Napped” program. The goal is to bring awareness to her site/business and bring in readership and support. If you know of someone you’d like to nominate for this porgram, please let us know.

Help me build this resource site for Christian moms across the country. It’s tough out there while trying to raise a family. Let’s help one another.


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Calling all PA Christians.. I need your help

Ok, so I’ve moved AGAIN. 

I just relocated…imagine that.  Packed up my cowboy boots, the two cats, blind dog and the 2.3 kids and headed NORTH.

I was born and raised in the South.  In case you don’t know, we do things a bit different a little south of the Mason Dixon line. Different is good but I’m struggling already.   We are currently living on a rather long street crammed packed full of kids. You can’t swing your arms without smacking a kid one way or the other. Problem is…there aren’t ANY I’d allow my kids to play with.

First day here, one boy smacked my daughter. One called her a rather vulgar word. Two girls were busted for shoplifting. The neighbor next door smokes crack so bad you can smell it through the walls. The one up the street stands outside and curses at her kids and dogs. OMG!!!

So, I have to find some Christian friends for my kids and activities that will be healthy for us. I’m praying for Godly contacts but in the meantime, I’m coming to you.  Certainly I am not alone in my frustration. Certainly there are other Christian moms like myself looking for Godly activities and friends for their families. 

I am in the North East Philly area. If you are anywhere near me, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me about any events you know of that would line up with our values.  Perhaps we could create some events for our kids or even the adults.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

I’d also like to have some Christian Parenting articles, a list of Christian books you’ve read ( and perhaps some reviews), and even a list of music. Anything you’ve found that has helped in your walk towards Godly parenting and relationships.

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To die or not to die? That is the question!

Have you ever seen Tuck Everlasting? If not, watch this video below.

This family faces the unfortunate realization that the life they live will never end. Jesse falls in love and wants Winnie to join him. Though she loves him and wants to be with him, being on this earth forever is not worth it. I can’t say I blame her.

I’ve often said there are worse things than dieing. There are worse things than saying good-bye to those you love, leaving this life of war and famine and going on to face eternity.

You may not agree.

I’ve faced many trials in my life. I’ve been through sexual abuse, physical abuse (all as a child). I’ve survived many suicidal thoughts and attempts. I’ve overcome alcoholism and destructive behavior. I’ve buried too many friends and had too many broken hearts. Through all this, I still believe dieing is not the worse thing.

As I was explaining to my children tonight, there is hope in knowing there is at least an end too the things this hard life brings. It brings much joy but to think of all the horrible things…war, hunger, crime. I would not want to go on in this life forever.

What do you think? Would you choose to live forever or accept the life you’re given as long as you’re given it?


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Parenting by chance

Raising children has to be one of the most difficult jobs on the face of this planet.  I’ve had some head-banging jobs but parenting takes the cake. It is often a thankless job, a nonpaying job, and one that leaves you wishing Calgon would just suck you right down the hair clogged drain. The heck with taking you away.

My oldest son will be 13 next week. Can you believe it? I mean really. How did I wind up with a teenager? (not to mention the two crazy kids hot on his trails). Just recently, my son has taken up this new hobby of hosting a horrendous attitude. He’s ugly to his siblings, ugly to me, all the while thinking he is one handsome devil as he drools over himself in the magic mirror. What gives?

brick wallI’ve got bruises on my forehead from banging it repeatedly against the brick wall of reasoning.  I try ‘communicating’. I try begging. I try bargaining. I would try beating the bejeezus out of the kid but somehow I don’t think that would work too well given he stands eye to eye with me.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a good butt whooping, but I suppose 13 is getting a little big for such nonsense…even for a good ol’ fashioned Southern Baptist girl like myself.

Now comes the nitty-gritty. The silver bullet. Taking away privileges and the air he breathes. hanna montanaForce him to watch reruns of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Threatening to cut his long beautiful locks of golden blond hair (it’s been a very long phase…hopefully before he brings spawn into his world, he’ll grow out of it.) I’d suffice it to say, I’ve tried just about everything.

However,  a new concept hit me like a bolt of lightening this morning as I was leaning over the trash can painfully reliving the horrible tacos I had for dinner.  The one thing I haven’t tried (the first thing I should have tried) is prayer. You see, God is NEVER taken off guard. He created this amazing and brilliant kid of mine. He knows what makes him tick, what hurts his heart, what tempts him to do wrong. He built him (in His image, no less) and He knows how to handle him.

Raising our children with Godly morals and convictions should never be left up to chance. There should never be a point in our parenting journey that we are at a loss as to what to do. From the moment the Lord gives them to us, we should be praying for their hearts, their souls, their safety, the choices they will face and make, their friends, future spouses, jobs, and children. All those things should be continually carried to the throne of grace.

jesusI challenge you today (and I take that challenge myself)… instead of crying, cry out to God. He is the ultimate father and knows our children (loves our children) even more than we do. He is he creator of the ultimate Father’s Day and knows exactly what currency to use to reach each of us. Pound the doors of Heaven and persist on making your requests known to God. He has an arm full of blessings waiting to bestow on each of us… we just have to fall on our face and ask. (And remember…His arms stretch as far as the east is from the west.) He can do immeasurably more than we could ever even think to ask.

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On the Prowl

That’s right… KAT LOGIC  is on the prowl for some incredible moms and their BLOGs.

momnappedWe’ll be checking out many mom/women’s blogs over the next couple of weeks or so and we’ll even be taking suggestions from the readers. Once we find a mom worth mentioning (and Lord knows there are VERY many), we will MomNap her site .   She will carry our MomNapped button on on her site to let everyone know she was chosen. 

Once a mom has been momnapped, we will then send out notifications asking readers to donate in three ways:

* A comment on the mom’s site

*A post about the mom on their own site

*A permalink back to the mom’s site

The mom will be held prisoner until at least 30 people have left a comment stating they’ve added her link to their site.  Afterwards, we will host the mom on Kat Logic to share her experience and ask her to “Pay It Forward” by hosting one of the commenting readers on her site and adding a link.

***This is all done in fun but most importantly to help spread recognition of the great moms out there. We want to get their names and their sites out there on the front lines. If you know of a mom that should be MomNapped, please let us know by emailing me privately.  You never know when someone might  have you momnapped.

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Airport check-ins

I decided it was high time to fly out to Michigan to visit my very best friend in the world. It’s been forever.

In order to get from Charlotte, NC to Chelsea Michigan, I had to travel through three airports:  CLT< ORD<DTW.

In doing so, I’ve decided to also so reviews of the three airports. (you will see more as I travel through out the summer).

CLT…. Charlotte, NC.   From the moment I arrived at CLT, I was greeted by curbside pickup. The staff was extremely friendly. I did not let on that I was employee nor that I would be doing a review.  My only complaint, if you can call it one, is that the curbside attendant said to me, “we work on need to give me a tip.”  I would have given him a tip anyone but to be demanded to give one was a bit disturbing and even rude, if you will.

I visited a book store, news stand and Burger King. I didn’t meet one disgruntle employee. My order was correct and timely. The bathrooms were clean and orderly. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Then I moved on to ORD…Chicago O’Hare. Now there’s an airport to write about. At first thought, it was beautiful. They were decorated for the Olympics and it was fascinating to view. That’s where the excitement began….and end.  We immediately stopped in at McDonald’s. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity before anyone thought to assist us. I repeated my order twice and it still was not right. They forgot our drinks and our burgers were not done correctly. ARGH!

And what’s up with the cafe area? For as many people are stopping through there…for all the choices of places to eat, why aren’t there more places to sit. There were no more than six booths and each one had only one person sitting in them. I was so angry as my three children and I stood up at a bar to eat. Most of the people sitting at the booths were not even eating.

There was no where while I waited at the gate to even plug up my  laptop. To get WiFi would have cost $6 for the hour that I was waiting and the seats were broken. I was not a happy girl at all.

I wasn’t in DTW long enough to determine if their service was adequate.  I will be going through there again next week and will do an evaluation of their services. I do not look forward to flying back through ORD but I do hope they can redeem themselves.

Going through an airport? Let us hear about it.

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