The woes of a 9 inch mini…a review

07 Jun

I will be doing many reviews over the next few months. Reviews of restaurants, hotels, events, products and services.  Watch for updates and if you have anything you would like reviewed, please send me an email.

My first product up for review is the Dell 9 inch Mini laptop.dell_inspiron_mini_9638g

I received the Dell 9 inch mini laptop in February this year as a gift. I have loved it, carried it with me and showed it off to anyone interested. I’ve been a sporadic spokesperson and proudly pointed would-be buyers to the Dell site to purchase their own.

The 9 inch mini laptop fits perfect in my purse, picks up wireless automatically, and has all the perks of any large laptop around. It weighs less than a pound and is absolutely amazing.  I call it “My Baby”.

However, last week my precious baby (just 3 months old), took a major plunge. I woke up one morning to feed my baby, pressed the button and nothing happened. When I say nothing, I mean.. not a sound, not a wiggle, not a single peep. Nothing. My baby was gone leaving only a message “network server not found”.  I felt the blood draining from my body. The air in the room grew dense and the walls began caving in. I couldn’t breathe,  I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t function.

Needless to say, I finally got a hold of Dell. After many attempts to revive my precious little one, it was official. My baby was gone. Their response, “We were afraid this would happen. There seems to be a default in the programming and we’ve yet to find a solution. It seems all our customers of the 9inch mini are having this issue.”  The hard drive had defaulted to ZERO and all was lost. They would call me back in 4 days to offer some sort of solution. “We are taking personal responsibility for this call,” they told me.  Now, in Dell language, that means.. “no one else will be calling you except the guy you spoke with tonight”. Big help!!

Four days came and went and I received a second phone call from the same guy, of course. His message, “we don’t have a solution yet. We will send you a box to return the laptop. We will send you a new one.”

Now, my thought was… If you knew this was a problem in the programing,  you still sent the computers out and all your customers are having the same issues, then what is sending me a new one going to do for me? Hmmm.

I’ll be shipping my punkin’ off this week and we will see what happens. I am so very disappointed in Dell. I have sent them quite a bit of service . I had to go out and buy a brand new lap top seeing how I am in school (online), am writing several books and I can not wait for them to find a solution. The new lap top works fine, as far as lap tops go but it is so enormous I feel like one of those guys from the  80’s that use to walk up and down the street carrying a ‘boom box’ on his shoulder.

I will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you are in the market for a 9 inch mini, shop cautiously and save everything on a flash are going to need it.

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One response to “The woes of a 9 inch mini…a review

  1. Marvin D Wilson

    June 8, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Wow that sucks. Did you have your manuscripts saved to a disc or something? Must have – otherwise you wouldn’t be alive to have posted this. I know I’d be dead. 😦

    The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog


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