Airport check-ins

12 Jun

I decided it was high time to fly out to Michigan to visit my very best friend in the world. It’s been forever.

In order to get from Charlotte, NC to Chelsea Michigan, I had to travel through three airports:  CLT< ORD<DTW.

In doing so, I’ve decided to also so reviews of the three airports. (you will see more as I travel through out the summer).

CLT…. Charlotte, NC.   From the moment I arrived at CLT, I was greeted by curbside pickup. The staff was extremely friendly. I did not let on that I was employee nor that I would be doing a review.  My only complaint, if you can call it one, is that the curbside attendant said to me, “we work on need to give me a tip.”  I would have given him a tip anyone but to be demanded to give one was a bit disturbing and even rude, if you will.

I visited a book store, news stand and Burger King. I didn’t meet one disgruntle employee. My order was correct and timely. The bathrooms were clean and orderly. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

Then I moved on to ORD…Chicago O’Hare. Now there’s an airport to write about. At first thought, it was beautiful. They were decorated for the Olympics and it was fascinating to view. That’s where the excitement began….and end.  We immediately stopped in at McDonald’s. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity before anyone thought to assist us. I repeated my order twice and it still was not right. They forgot our drinks and our burgers were not done correctly. ARGH!

And what’s up with the cafe area? For as many people are stopping through there…for all the choices of places to eat, why aren’t there more places to sit. There were no more than six booths and each one had only one person sitting in them. I was so angry as my three children and I stood up at a bar to eat. Most of the people sitting at the booths were not even eating.

There was no where while I waited at the gate to even plug up my  laptop. To get WiFi would have cost $6 for the hour that I was waiting and the seats were broken. I was not a happy girl at all.

I wasn’t in DTW long enough to determine if their service was adequate.  I will be going through there again next week and will do an evaluation of their services. I do not look forward to flying back through ORD but I do hope they can redeem themselves.

Going through an airport? Let us hear about it.

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