On the Prowl

13 Jun

That’s right… KAT LOGIC  is on the prowl for some incredible moms and their BLOGs.

momnappedWe’ll be checking out many mom/women’s blogs over the next couple of weeks or so and we’ll even be taking suggestions from the readers. Once we find a mom worth mentioning (and Lord knows there are VERY many), we will MomNap her site .   She will carry our MomNapped button on on her site to let everyone know she was chosen. 

Once a mom has been momnapped, we will then send out notifications asking readers to donate in three ways:

* A comment on the mom’s site

*A post about the mom on their own site

*A permalink back to the mom’s site

The mom will be held prisoner until at least 30 people have left a comment stating they’ve added her link to their site.  Afterwards, we will host the mom on Kat Logic to share her experience and ask her to “Pay It Forward” by hosting one of the commenting readers on her site and adding a link.

***This is all done in fun but most importantly to help spread recognition of the great moms out there. We want to get their names and their sites out there on the front lines. If you know of a mom that should be MomNapped, please let us know by emailing me privately.  You never know when someone might  have you momnapped.

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