Parenting by chance

13 Jun

Raising children has to be one of the most difficult jobs on the face of this planet.  I’ve had some head-banging jobs but parenting takes the cake. It is often a thankless job, a nonpaying job, and one that leaves you wishing Calgon would just suck you right down the hair clogged drain. The heck with taking you away.

My oldest son will be 13 next week. Can you believe it? I mean really. How did I wind up with a teenager? (not to mention the two crazy kids hot on his trails). Just recently, my son has taken up this new hobby of hosting a horrendous attitude. He’s ugly to his siblings, ugly to me, all the while thinking he is one handsome devil as he drools over himself in the magic mirror. What gives?

brick wallI’ve got bruises on my forehead from banging it repeatedly against the brick wall of reasoning.  I try ‘communicating’. I try begging. I try bargaining. I would try beating the bejeezus out of the kid but somehow I don’t think that would work too well given he stands eye to eye with me.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a good butt whooping, but I suppose 13 is getting a little big for such nonsense…even for a good ol’ fashioned Southern Baptist girl like myself.

Now comes the nitty-gritty. The silver bullet. Taking away privileges and the air he breathes. hanna montanaForce him to watch reruns of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Threatening to cut his long beautiful locks of golden blond hair (it’s been a very long phase…hopefully before he brings spawn into his world, he’ll grow out of it.) I’d suffice it to say, I’ve tried just about everything.

However,  a new concept hit me like a bolt of lightening this morning as I was leaning over the trash can painfully reliving the horrible tacos I had for dinner.  The one thing I haven’t tried (the first thing I should have tried) is prayer. You see, God is NEVER taken off guard. He created this amazing and brilliant kid of mine. He knows what makes him tick, what hurts his heart, what tempts him to do wrong. He built him (in His image, no less) and He knows how to handle him.

Raising our children with Godly morals and convictions should never be left up to chance. There should never be a point in our parenting journey that we are at a loss as to what to do. From the moment the Lord gives them to us, we should be praying for their hearts, their souls, their safety, the choices they will face and make, their friends, future spouses, jobs, and children. All those things should be continually carried to the throne of grace.

jesusI challenge you today (and I take that challenge myself)… instead of crying, cry out to God. He is the ultimate father and knows our children (loves our children) even more than we do. He is he creator of the ultimate Father’s Day and knows exactly what currency to use to reach each of us. Pound the doors of Heaven and persist on making your requests known to God. He has an arm full of blessings waiting to bestow on each of us… we just have to fall on our face and ask. (And remember…His arms stretch as far as the east is from the west.) He can do immeasurably more than we could ever even think to ask.

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One response to “Parenting by chance

  1. Terri

    August 28, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    AMEN! I had to turn my child over to God. We had done all we knew to do and he was going to defy us no matter what. Drugs, theft, lying, and who knows what else. I had prayed so much I just knew the Lord was tired of hearing from me!
    Finally, I said, “Lord, I have done all I can. He is Your son. I have got to turn him back over to you”. My son ended up in jail for over 3 years. He has come home, the child I knew him as before the mess had started. Not everyone learns from prision but I thank the Lord everyday that My son did come home to me, the child I knew he was… The thing is… he isn’t a child, he is 30 years old. But he will always be God’s child first, mine second!


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