My deepest apologies

08 Jul

My heart is very heavy at this moment and I am struggling for words to express my deepest regret to all my readers.

As you know, Kaylen’s Write to Heal is very dear to my heart as we focus on assisting families that have lost a child. Kaylen’s Write to Heal was born when one of my very best friend’s daughter passed away at just four months old from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  Together, Kaylen Leigh Phillip’s mom (Christi) and I created Kaylen’s Write to Heal as a way to send cards and letters to hurting families.

It has come to my attention that one of the families we reached out to created the death of their child as a hoax. While I can not comprehend the thought process that went behind such an act, I do understand this person must be in a very dark place to have created such a fictitious event. I will continue to pray for her. While it is not my attention to draw attention to her, it is my attention to apologize on the behalf of Kaylen’s Write to Heal for all of you that believed with us in this mother’s grief.  We can assure you, we did as much as we possibly could to verify her story before posting her information and asking you all to reach out to her.

In the future, we will be doing a much more intensive search of families we are sent to assure our readers and participants are not falsly notified. We would also remind you to never send money directly to the families in the event we notify you of a child’s passing.

Again, you have my deepest apology and we ask that you continue to support Kaylen’s Write to Healby word of mouth and certainly your prayers. While this one event is very painful to deal with, there are still many more legitimate families in pain at this very moment.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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