Before I Go

10 Aug

“Theirs was a friendship like none other. A sealing bond few are lucky enough to stumble upon in all the years of their life. A powerful sisterhood graced among the treasured strand of hopefuls that dare muddle through life’s trials hand in hand. Theirs was all this and so much more, even before they realized it.”


This is just the first few lines of my next novel “Before I Go”. Two life long friends find themselves in very different trials in their lives. One loses her fiance to a drunk driver just days before their wedding while the other faces cancer and less than six months to live. After nearly a decade of being apart, these two friends find their way back into each others lives and take this road together…right until the bitter end.

Friendship is such a powerful force. A life altering relationship that supersedes all others. I’m interested in hearing about the relationship you share with your best friend. I’m also interested in included a  bits and pieces from some of your stories in the back of my next novel, “Before I Go” for our readers to experience.

Share some of your story here. A few sentences. I will choose a few from the comments and email you for more of your story. If yours is chosen, you will receive an autographed copy of “Before I Go” as soon as it’s printed. (expected release is Jan 2010.)

Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested in telling us about their best friend.

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