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Mercy Came Running

She stood entranced in her surroundings. The bars blurred her vision leaving just a tiny window of light into the courtyard. She rubbed her eyes with the heals of her hands.

“Whatcha looking at, missy?” They laughed as she wrapped her hands around the cold bars, pressing her face as far as she could against them. She could ignore them for a while. She usually did. They never stopped though. They were never satisfied to let it go with a single comment …even two.

” We know what you’ve done. Home wrecker. We’ve heard about you. How many men were there? How many families? We got names for girls like you.”

She didn’t dare defend herself. How could she? They were right. They were always right. She’d ruined so many homes she’d lost count. She’d ruined so many lives God himself had lost count. But they hadn’t. They were right there to remind her any time she believed for a single minute that there was hope for someone like her. There wasn’t.

The cells were full of people like her. Not as bad as her, but people who had fallen. People that lost sight along the way or never had it to start with. But no one … not one single prisoner there could hold a candle to her sin. Nope. She held that record. She knew it if no one else did. There were skeletons digging at her closet door begging to get out. It was her single prayer that they never did. But of course, she was unworthy to even call His name.

The sky grew dark. In the far corner of the courtyard she saw a glimpse of light moving closer. She stretched her hand through the bars to reach for the light. Her heart pounded the harder and further she stretched.

“Think you going somewhere?” They grabbed her legs and yanked her away from the bars slamming her face into the dirt floor. They kicked her. Called her names. Spit on her. She held her open hand as high in the air as her final moments of strength would allow. Tears streamed from her swollen eyes. She couldn’t bring herself to beg for help. She didn’t deserve it. They continued the beating … laughing. “You get what you deserve, tramp.”

The ground shook with anger. For a moment, no one but her noticed. The bars rattled. She gasped for air as she pressed their knees against her lungs, but her hand held high. Her eyes lifted to see the light moving closer to the bars. Thunderous footsteps pounded their way closer to the cell … and closer.

Her cell mates took a step back as the ground shook with more force. She lay face down, conceding to death when the bricks of the cell exploded. He moved in like a storm breaking the force of sin and shame that chained her to the cell. With a single breath, her chains fell. He lifted her from the ground and carried her out of her prison in His arms until she could find her footing again.

“If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed.” He said. “Move forward in mercy. Meet me each morning. I will renew it. You … are … free. “


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Kreativ Blogger Award

kreativ_blogger_award1  What a nice surprise to open my email this morning and find that I was given this wonderful award by my dear friend and colleague Ron Berry, UnWriter.

As with every award … comes great responsibility. So, here are the rules to the Kreativ Blogger award (intentionally misspelled).

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Hmmm….7 (Kreativ) things you may not know about me. Though I’m sure you already know more than you want to know. Let me see what I can dig up about myself:

  1. I have NO idea what my natural hair color is.
  2. I eat no less than 12 raw egg whites a day (in protein shakes, of course).
  3. I have recently discovered I don’t like teenagers.
  4. I don’t like pets though I have a blind dog, two cats, and recently 4 kittens.
  5. I am learning the art of not worrying about tomorrow…and believe me, it’s an art.
  6. I am extremely excited about the future. The things that will happen and the people God will put in my path. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  7. Building a Habakkuk and Progressive Faith

Now… the hard part. To find 7 bloggers to give this award to (that have not already received it).

  1. Katie Hines
  2. Lynn McMonigal
  3. Terri Dryden
  4. Suzzane Woods Fisher
  5. Cathy Bryant

I’m going to reserve my last two nominations for a day or two. Alright, get busy with your lists. Congrats on the award and on having a wonderful “Kreativ” side.


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Bring It On

I can tell you, for the past two weeks Satan has hounded the heck out of me. On first impact, my thought is to tuck and run. I’ve battled depression for most of my life and Satan knows how and where to strike. This time, he’s under estimated me.

I always know when he’s coming. It’s when God is moving in my life in powerful ways. He wants to distract me…to keep me from focusing on the things of God. I’ve been writing a women’s bible study. It begins tomorrow and I’ve been very deep in prayer for the participants as well as myself. It hasn’t been easy. “I know I’ve got an enemy waiting that wants to bring me pain”.

I’m sure I’m not alone. Perhaps you’re going through a storm yourself or Satan really has you in his cross-hairs. Whatever your battle, whatever your storm, remember… “For God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind.” (II Timothy 1:7)

I hope you’ll join me in the bible study titled “An Habakkuk Faith” and in facing Satan head on. May this be your prayer. “I will not retreat or surrender…so bring it on.”


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I am the CHAMPION… I quit!!

That’s right… I quit!! After 13 years of being addicted to this horrible behavior, I’m finally giving it up. I hope you’ll join me.

Today I decided I would no longer be the go-between-girl for my kids. They fight all the time and they always manage to drag me in the middle. There’s no way for me to win. I can’t appease them both. I can’t see it from both of their views…so I give up. From now on, they have to fight it out themselves, if they kill each other.

Well, that’s all good on paper. No sooner has the words passed my lips did they test me on it. My oldest son sits on the couch, my daughter decides to sit on top of him. He won’t move…neither will she. The rage begins. Before it’s over…long before it’s over, she is screaming like someone is sawing her arms off and shoving them down her throat. She’s begging me to come save her from the clutches of death. My youngest son pleads for them to stop so I don’t have another heart attack. They don’t care. They continue the war.

What was I doing? Singing along while I worked on my manuscript for “On Butterfly Faith”. I was determined not to go end the battle. I didn’t. I did however, go shut the windows so the neighbors didn’t think I was mutilating them and eating them for dinner. Then I went back to my writing.

No one died. The battle ended. My daughter conceded…with a few bruises since she decided to sit ON my son’s feet (in which he was wearing tennis shoes). Normally, I give him a what-for if he even dreams of touching her. I figured this time, someone’s going to give up if it means a good old fashioned “going to Jesus meeting”. The house is quiet and I AM THE CHAMPION!


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