The Most of Today

10 Jan

It’s funny how quickly time passes the older you get.

As a child, I was certain Christmas only came around once every three years. Each time we took down the tree, it felt like forever before we could put it up again. As an adult, it seems Christmas comes through four times each year. No sooner do I finish paying for the gifts, it’s time to break out the credit card again. Time just moves too quickly.

At times I find it hard to believe my oldest son is nearly 15. He’s in Highschool already. He’ll be driving soon. Before I know it, he’ll be off to college and moving on with his life. My younger too aren’t far behind.

Where has time gone? I look around me and it seems I’ve gotten nowhere. As if all the hopes and dreams I’ve had for myself have gone to the side while I’ve been raising three kids on my own. But then I realize, THIS is what God created me for. Building the lives and character of three great kids. I’ve been blessed to be able to home most of the time with them. To watch them grow. To help them through the many mistakes they make. To guide them. Laugh with them. To be present for everything. I’ve been blessed.

But it wasn’t until last night that I realized just how much they’ve really grown. I was sifting through facebook, as if I don’t have enough to do … and I saw a photo posted by an old friend. The caption said , “Where’d you learn to shoot? Boy Scouts of America, Sir”. Being a huge guns rights advocate, the caption caught my eye and I took a closer look at the photo of young boys at target practice with the boy scouts.

Much to my surprise, when I took a closer look at the tiny blond-headed boy at the bottom of the photo, I realized … that’s MY son. My 15 year-old son … when he was EIGHT YEARS OLD. Wow, how time flies.

This is Jathe now, on the left, with his younger brother. Jathe is now taller than me and very proud to point it out each time we get.

There are times when it seems I’m running out of time. I suppose we all are, really.

We aren’t promised tomorrow. We aren’t promised more time. All we can do is be very thankful for the time we do have and make the most of every single moment.

How will you live life to the fullest in 2011? How will this year be different for you?

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