Take-Your-Friend-To-Group Day

15 Jan

It’s “Take-Your-Friend-To-Group  Day”. No, not today … but it IS coming up soon.

And no …  not AA. Though we may need it soon with all the discussions and crazy mess we’re bound find.

Coming soon (date to be announced), Kat Logic Book Clubs will be launching what we hope to be a yearly event. Take-your-friend-to-group day. On that day, we’ll ask you to post on your BLOG about our site. The rules will be:

1) Post small description of group (I’ll send it to you).

2) Post our logo and link

3) Invited your friends to come check out our group and to join that day.

4) Once they’ve joined, they’ll make a post that says “So-n-so sent me” and they’ll share one bit of info about you and/or the relationship you share.

5) At the end of the day, the one with the most friends to join wins.

*** we will be hosting discussions and answering questions through out the day. It will be an all day event. We will also be visiting blogs to see who has joined in the contest. If we stop by your blog and see you posting, you could win a special prize.

So, if you’re interested in joining, sign up below by entering your first name and the URL of your blog. Be sure to join                             Kat Logic Book Clubs yourself so you know when the contest takes place.

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