Writer’s Block Anyone??

I’m losing my mind … practically pulling out my hair. It’s 1:20 in the morning and I’m still staring at this computer.

Why? My brain won’t work to put together a clear image of the plot of my hopeful new novel. What’s a girl to do?

We’ve all had it. We’ve read about it. Heard about it. We’ve witnessed it in the eyes of other authors and experienced it in their facebook updates.

Writer’s block !

Now, I’m certainly no Karen Kingsbury when it comes to the speed of spitting out a novel beginning to end. Are any of us? That woman can whip one up in as little as seven days … so I’ve read.

I’m not like some others either . “Margaret Mitchell wrote and published Gone with the Wind in 10 years.

Audrey Niffenegger began writing The Time Traveler’s Wife in 1997. She finished in 2001, but it took another two years of searching for an agent and publisher before the finished product was in her hands. From idea to publication: 7 years.” (Wavy Lines Blog Nov 19, 2010).
But what’s a girl to do when the words just won’t surface? When the block can’t be lifted and nothing seems to work to tug on the muse and get the characters in line? What do YOU do when you’re staring at a blank screen to no avail? Any tips? Crazy antidotes?
Hmmm… guess I’ll eat a bowl of sugar smacks and go to bed. Better luck tomorrow.

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Take-Your-Friend-To-Group Day

It’s “Take-Your-Friend-To-Group  Day”. No, not today … but it IS coming up soon.

And no …  not AA. Though we may need it soon with all the discussions and crazy mess we’re bound find.

Coming soon (date to be announced), Kat Logic Book Clubs will be launching what we hope to be a yearly event. Take-your-friend-to-group day. On that day, we’ll ask you to post on your BLOG about our site. The rules will be:

1) Post small description of group (I’ll send it to you).

2) Post our logo and link

3) Invited your friends to come check out our group and to join that day.

4) Once they’ve joined, they’ll make a post that says “So-n-so sent me” and they’ll share one bit of info about you and/or the relationship you share.

5) At the end of the day, the one with the most friends to join wins.

*** we will be hosting discussions and answering questions through out the day. It will be an all day event. We will also be visiting blogs to see who has joined in the contest. If we stop by your blog and see you posting, you could win a special prize.

So, if you’re interested in joining, sign up below by entering your first name and the URL of your blog. Be sure to join                             Kat Logic Book Clubs yourself so you know when the contest takes place.

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Happy Rubber Ducky Day

YES… Today IS Rubber Ducky Day!!

We’ve all heard Earnie singing “Rubber Ducky”. Have you ever wondered from where the rubber ducky actually comes?

“Rubber ducks were first made in the early 1800’s at the time when other rubber toys were developed. At that time rubber ducks were made of hard rubber and did not squeak. Rubber ducks evolved into squeaking, floating toys. Rubber ducks are most commonly used at bath time but can also be used as toys for dogs.

The song “Rubber Duckie”, sung by Ernie from Sesame Street, helped make rubber ducks massively popular in the USA and other parts of the world.

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in her bath room. The rubber duck in question has an inflatable crown.

For many people, Rubber ducks are collector’s items. A large number of different types of rubber ducks has developed, such as devil ducks, Santa ducks, dead ducks, and ducks the imitate real people like Elvis. The world record for the most rubber ducks is 2,587.

Rubber duck races have become hugely popular all over the world, with rubber ducks being placed in a lake, river or pond and allowed to float through a course. The winner is the rubber duck that passes the finish line first. In 2006, London had its first ever rubber duck charity race. 20,000 ducks raced from Battersea Park. Proceeds went to Nightingale House, which is a care home for the elderly in south-west London.

In the United States, races like the Rubber Duck Derby are very popular and raise millions for charity. The Rubber Duck Derby has raised over $140 million for charity.

Melissa George is the editor of Rubber Ducks, a website dedicated to the wonderful world of rubber ducks.

Article Source:”

So be sure to squeeze your rubber ducky today!!!

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Plans for Online Writing Conference in 2011

For those of us that live to write, there seems little else that matters. I have numerous books lining my shelves. Karen Kingsbury. Max Lucado. Francis Chan. You name it. I’ve got it. Thankfully, I even have a few of my own.

I’ve been writing since I can remember. Short stories. Poems. Novels. You name it. I’ve been writing. I can only imagine most of you have done the same as well.

I remember my very first type writer. The kind with the ribbon you had to keep replacing. My hands stayed black with ink as I went through replacement ribbons. I lived on that thing. It was my best friend, my safe place to hide, my soul purpose in life. I wish I still had it.

I’ve moved on. We all have. As we continue to write, continue to move forward in the dream of writing, being published, and seeing our books on the shelves, we search for new tools, new advice, and new hope.

Kat Logic has long since had the dream of hosting an online writing conference. It is in the year 2011 that we strive to see that dream a reality. So, we are calling all authors, editors, publishers, agents, and publicists to contact us if they would like to participate and feel they could offer a class during our late summer/early fall conference.

If you feel you have something to offer, email the following information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Credentials
  • Class your willing to offer
  • Contact information

I look forward to hearing from you and making 2011 a wonderful one.

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The Most of Today

It’s funny how quickly time passes the older you get.

As a child, I was certain Christmas only came around once every three years. Each time we took down the tree, it felt like forever before we could put it up again. As an adult, it seems Christmas comes through four times each year. No sooner do I finish paying for the gifts, it’s time to break out the credit card again. Time just moves too quickly.

At times I find it hard to believe my oldest son is nearly 15. He’s in Highschool already. He’ll be driving soon. Before I know it, he’ll be off to college and moving on with his life. My younger too aren’t far behind.

Where has time gone? I look around me and it seems I’ve gotten nowhere. As if all the hopes and dreams I’ve had for myself have gone to the side while I’ve been raising three kids on my own. But then I realize, THIS is what God created me for. Building the lives and character of three great kids. I’ve been blessed to be able to home most of the time with them. To watch them grow. To help them through the many mistakes they make. To guide them. Laugh with them. To be present for everything. I’ve been blessed.

But it wasn’t until last night that I realized just how much they’ve really grown. I was sifting through facebook, as if I don’t have enough to do … and I saw a photo posted by an old friend. The caption said , “Where’d you learn to shoot? Boy Scouts of America, Sir”. Being a huge guns rights advocate, the caption caught my eye and I took a closer look at the photo of young boys at target practice with the boy scouts.

Much to my surprise, when I took a closer look at the tiny blond-headed boy at the bottom of the photo, I realized … that’s MY son. My 15 year-old son … when he was EIGHT YEARS OLD. Wow, how time flies.

This is Jathe now, on the left, with his younger brother. Jathe is now taller than me and very proud to point it out each time we get.

There are times when it seems I’m running out of time. I suppose we all are, really.

We aren’t promised tomorrow. We aren’t promised more time. All we can do is be very thankful for the time we do have and make the most of every single moment.

How will you live life to the fullest in 2011? How will this year be different for you?

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Sexting … is it preventable?

I’m the single mother to three teenagers. Add to that,  I’m a published author of two titles (more to come), a firefighter, runner, full-time student, prison ministry founder, blogger, daughter, friend. Not to mention my full-time job. However, raising teens in today’s age proves to be one of the most difficult tasks in all the things I’ve ever done.

I remember being a teen. Some days it feels like an eternity ago. Other days, it feels like yesterday. As a teenager, the worst I was involved in was calling a boy. That was a big no-no in my day.  Today’s teens find far more freedom and can find far more trouble.

Sexting  is a phenomenon many teens find themselves involved in today. They have the freedom of picture phones as well as WIFI at the touch of the button and all the time a teen could dream of.  What they don’t realize is that this “new activity” brings about legal repercussions that can last a life time.

In a recent news article on ABC, “What teens don’t realize is just how serious the consequences can be.

News reports are increasingly documenting legal repercussions after indecent photo appear online. And attorneys say there are many unanswered questions about whether young people who send their own photos could face prosecution for obscenity or child pornography.

This year in Wisconsin, a 17-year-old was charged with possessing child pornography after he posted naked pictures of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend online.

In Alabama, authorities arrested four middle-school students for exchanging nude photos of themselves. In Rochester, N.Y., a 16-year-old boy is now facing up to seven years in prison for forwarding a nude photo of a 15-year-old girlfriend to his friends.”

So I pose the questions to the parent’s of today’s teens:

  • Do you allow your teen a full access phone (WiFi< text, picture)
  • Do you monitor their phones? Read their texts, view their photos?

And what about Facebook? Do you monitor your child’s account? What precautions do you take to assure your child is not participating in such a potentially dangerous situation or do you even believe there is a way to prevent it other than removing the phones and internet?

As parents, we have to be 100% present. Is this even possible?

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Changes for 2011

Welcome to Kat Logic and 2011.

Kat Logic will be facing many changes this year and the first will be to implement updates and changes to our online Book Club. We are currently taking submissions of books to be considered. Submissions due February 1.

Also on Kat Logic, we are be hosting the following topics:

1) A year of “No Spending”

2) Author interviews/reviews

3) Stories of remarkable people throughout the year

and many other things. I look forward to a new and wonderful year with you all.


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