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Vote To Read (part 1)

Monday, we will be voting on our book selections to read for this year.

Today, Saturday and Sunday I will post 7 book selections each day. Take a look over them. Read the blurbs. If you’d like to vote, you must be an active member of Kat Logic Book Clubs, so head on over and introduce yourself. Be sure to be back Saturday and Sunday to view the rest of the selections:

Title: Shadow Path

Author: P L Blair

Publisher: Studio See Publishing, LLC

Release Date: March 2008

Genre: Fantasy / Detective

Blurb: – Corpus Christi police detectives Kat Morales (human) and her partner Tevis (elf) find a trail of murders leads to Tevis’ past – a former lover who now wants him dead. To stop her, Tevis must do what he swore he would never do again: call on the magic he abandoned thousands of years ago. If he fails, he too will die.



Title: Cedar Woman

Author: Debra Shiveley Welch

Publisher: Saga Books

Release Date: Dec 9, 2010

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Blurb: Lena Cedar Woman Young Bear, a daughter of the Lakota Sioux, opens the first high-end Native American restaurant in Central Ohio.

This is her story.

Born in May Hill, Ohio, Lena Cedar Woman travels to Columbus at age 12 after tragedy befalls her family. Here, in the capital city, a chance encounter leads her to her destiny.

Walk with her as she changes the lives and fortunes of those she loves. Follow her to powwow where she meets her half-side. Rejoice with her at the grand opening of her restaurant.

Cedar Woman allows the reader to learn the ways, and some of the language of The People, while also offering romance and discovery.


Name: Christine Verstraete
Title Searching for a Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery
Publisher Kindle, print and eBook
Release Date Sept 2010
Genre children’s mystery, age 9 and up
Blurb Sam and her bff Lita, along with a mischievous Dachshund named Petey face an angry housekeeper, a dog-hating gardener and an ancient family curse as they search for a missing replica of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

Name C. A. Verstraete
Title The Killer Valentine Ball
Publisher MuseItUp Publishing
Release Date Oct 2010
Genre light horror with a touch of humor
Blurb Jess reluctantly agrees to her mother’s request to go on a blind date – on Valentine’s Day yet. Can you say loser? The Killer Valentine Ball turns out to be one of the most memorable parties she’ll ever attend… and not for the reasons she’d expected…
Name: Viviane Brentanos
Title:   Fragile Dreams
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Mainstream contemporary romance
Release Date : 14/01/2011
Elysiana Rouva and the young Michael are drawn together by an inexplicable bond. They share so much more than mere physical attraction. Ellie is at the point where she is questioning her life. Recently overcoming a long, hard battle with breast cancer, she is vulnerable and depressed. Her husband, Pavlos, although outwardly supportive, provides her with no real comfort. 

Their marriage is a farce. She no longer loves him and is not threatened by his numerous affairs or his obsession with his work. Her friends say all the right words but she cannot make them understand.

Enter Michael. Michael becomes Ellie’s salvation. The young man Pavlos sends to tend their garden turns Ellie’s world on its head. As for Michael, Ellie provides escape from a past clouded with bad memories.

Can she rid his heart of so much betrayal?


Title: Of Swords and Sorcery

Author: Teel James Glen

Publisher:  Gypsy Shadow Publishing

Release Date: August 16, 2010

Blurb: Journey to worlds of heroes and monsters, of swashbuckling women and magical villains in short stories by a master of action and adventure!   In Of Swords and Sorcery Teel James Glenn presents a collection of tales of magic and swordplay that range from the frontier forests of colonial America to the fare flung world of Altiva. From pirate women on the bounding Main to the shadowed alleys of New Orleans to the movie magic of Hollywood in the 1950s!   There are quests for love, and fights against fire breathing dragons, mystical dictators, alchemist summoned demons and deadly female assassins along the way. These are classic tales of damsels and do-gooders, in the pulp style adventure tradition of Conan, Zorro and Captain Blood!



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