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Voting for our 2011 selections

Below you will find the poll for the 2011 Book Selections. Please be sure to view the blurbs of each book if you haven’t already. This is a members only vote. If you’d like to become a member of Kat Logic Book Clubs, please do so now, make an introduction, and then place your vote.

There were a couple of books I decided were not good book club selection reads (after reviewing them). The authors of these books will be interviewed on Kat Logic and a review for the book will be placed both on our blog and on If your book is not on the list and you submitted a book for consideration, I will be in touch with you soon.

View the list. Choose THREE books you’d like to read.


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Writer’s Block Anyone??

I’m losing my mind … practically pulling out my hair. It’s 1:20 in the morning and I’m still staring at this computer.

Why? My brain won’t work to put together a clear image of the plot of my hopeful new novel. What’s a girl to do?

We’ve all had it. We’ve read about it. Heard about it. We’ve witnessed it in the eyes of other authors and experienced it in their facebook updates.

Writer’s block !

Now, I’m certainly no Karen Kingsbury when it comes to the speed of spitting out a novel beginning to end. Are any of us? That woman can whip one up in as little as seven days … so I’ve read.

I’m not like some others either . “Margaret Mitchell wrote and published Gone with the Wind in 10 years.

Audrey Niffenegger began writing The Time Traveler’s Wife in 1997. She finished in 2001, but it took another two years of searching for an agent and publisher before the finished product was in her hands. From idea to publication: 7 years.” (Wavy Lines Blog Nov 19, 2010).
But what’s a girl to do when the words just won’t surface? When the block can’t be lifted and nothing seems to work to tug on the muse and get the characters in line? What do YOU do when you’re staring at a blank screen to no avail? Any tips? Crazy antidotes?
Hmmm… guess I’ll eat a bowl of sugar smacks and go to bed. Better luck tomorrow.

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On Butterfly Faith Meet & Greet

If you haven’t gotten your copy of On Butterfly Faith yet, now’s the time.  If your local book store does not carry it, ask them to. Otherwise, you can pick it up on

We’re back in full swing here on Kat Logic. There’s a Meet & Greet in the works. The characters of On Butterfly Faith will be joining us in a couple of weeks to answer your questions and give a little insight into their decisions and mistakes.

If you’d like to have one of them stop by your BLOG, contact me.

They will be discussing grief, loss, forgiveness, and faith. Among other things . Be sure to pick up your copy of On Butterfly Faith today so you can participate in our Meet & Greet .

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